News Flash! Letter from Governing Body announcing meeting schedule changes

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  • Fisherman

    Using private homes as an extention of the kh also extends wts liability in todays legal challenges faced by the society and the householder host is also burdened with legal challenges.

    It is also true that people today just do not have the time they once had to spare- or the money.

    If you notice, the wts has been cutting back throughout the years.

    When literaure was no longer offered for sale, in time the litterature became harder to get, in time.

    Food was then illiminated at the assemblies, why? because contributions did not cover the efforts. It was not worth it.

    Wt mag suscriptions cost the wts millions in postage and expenses, contribs did not cover. Not worth it it so, get rid of it.

    Dont get me wrong, the cause is holy but if you loose money then you have to cut back.

    And so, it seems that certain things just serve their purpose and then when no longer needed they have to end. THings that generate money are always needed and kept. When things become an expense or a liability then they are burdensome and time to unload.

    Cut backs and less and less ..

    Oh, one more thing. If you have an ear, then you would have also noticed how some bookstudy conductors and others in a private home setting could make or may have made comments or remarks that would never been made in the kh particularly because a number of members have become critical of the society, and so the bookstudy has outlived its usefulness.

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    I think it is a good sign. How they can even stand to study the Rev. anti-climax book again I will never understand. They are straining out the last vestiges of normal human contact from the org.

    Do they really think they are like the early Christians? I don't see any evidence that there ever was a "governing body" in the 1st century. I think they have delusions of grandeur.

  • yknot


    WELCOME to JWD!!!

    We have been discussing this (BS merge) for about a week now....if you wanna read the Spanish BOE letter here is the link !

    Crazy about all the changes going on.......

    1935- no sealing (good thing since as of May 07 there were no anointed by 1935 GB living)

    generations- changed again, WTG Ray Franz for writing about this new light in CoC.

    Shortened meetings again

    Less Awake!s and WTs being printed.....saving $$$

    Selling off NY NY property...

    Geez what is next are they gonna let us all partake (Memorial) since all of Israel observed and still had kings and priests?

    What do you think of the toys issue coming back up again in the June 08 Awake?

    Again WELCOME TO JWD !!!!

    Keep posting !!!

  • fjtoth

    The following is not the English original, but a translation:


    Dear Brothers:

    As indicated in the Bible at 1 Corinthians 7:31, "the scene of this world is changing." Each passing day confirms that these words are inspired and true. As the "great tribulation" approaches, Satan demonstrates increasing rage against us. -- Matthew 24:21; 1 Peter 5:8, 9; Revelation 12:17.

    The Governing Body understands very well the increasing pressures that confront you, the Lord's beloved sheep. Just like the Governing Body of the first century, we do not want you to bear any more burdens than those that are necessary. (Acts 15:6, 28) Consequently, after engaging in a great amount of meditation and prayer, we have decided to adopt measures to alleviate those burdens by modifying the weekly program of meetings. (Matthew 11:28-30)

    Beginning January 1, 2009, the Congregation Book Study will be combined with the Theocratic Ministry School and Service Meeting. No longer will it be known as the Congregation Book Study. Instead, it will be called the Congregation Bible Study. Following a song and prayer, the length of the study will be twenty-five minutes, and it will be conducted similar to the way it is now. It will be led by a rotation of qualified elders. Next there will come the Theocratic Ministry School, which will last thirty minutes. Then, after another song, the Service Meeting will begin, and it will last thirty-five minutes. The meeting will conclude with a song and prayer. Combined in this way, these meetings will total an hour and forty five minutes, including the prayers and songs.

    Meetings for field service will be according to the current system, and will consist of small groups. Later we will be sending additional information about the Congregation Bible Studies and meetings for field service.

    This change in our weekly program offers several benefĂ­ts. For example, making less trips for congregation meetings will save much time as well as fuel which in numerous countries is more and more expensive. But there is a benefit of even greater significance. It will offer more time for the important responsibility of Bible study on a personal and family level.

    In effect, the changes in the weekly program will allow us to strengthen the spirituality of the family, devoting one night to Family Worship. Family heads must assume the responsibility that Jehovah has given to them of leading their households in a significant weekly study of the Bible. (Deuteronomy 6:6, 7) And single brothers and sisters who do not have family responsibilities should use this time for their personal study of the Bible. It is essential to be "buying out the opportune time" and to strengthen one another as we consider the events that are soon to occur. (Ephesians 5:15, 16) The day of Jehovah is indeed approaching rapidly. (Zephaniah 1:14; 2 Peter 3:12) So it is more urgent than ever that we make use of the time that remains to build up one another upon our "most holy faith." (Jude 20)

    Let's make good use of these changes while we keep on following the lead of the Great Shepherd who guides us to grassy pastures where we find peace and refreshment. (Psalm 23:2, 3) We pray Jehovah will keep on protecting you and giving you spiritual strength in these difficult times. With Christian love,

    Your brothers,

    Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses

    P.S. to the presiding overseer:

    Once the letter has been read in all the congregations that share the same Kingdom Hall, please place this letter on the announcements board, where it should remain for two weeks and then filed.

  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    Can anyone tell me why they are waiting until January to implement this change?
    As another poster commented - why keep the burden going for another 8 months?

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    Just look at the hell folks had to endure, to go to assemblies years ago. There are stories of bug ridden hotels, open bleachers with sweltering heat, long journies, sacrifices and sessions that should have made the guiness book of records. These were marathons of mind numbing talks, that lasted 9 hours, in 8 day stretches. They didn't give a rats ass then, for peoples inconveneince.

    What a bunch of bullshit that they are concerned about our welfare.

    Perhaps they figure it will be easier to fleece people if they have the perception of being eased up on.

    Perhaps, they feel less liability for pedophile lawsuits, if they move books studies out of the private homes. Perhaps something.... but it ain't because they decided to be nice all of a sudden.

    This reminds me of a scripture I know the witlesses love.

    Turn with me brothers, to Hebrews10 verses 24 and 25

    " Let us consider one another to love and fine works. NOT FORSAKING the gathering of ourselves together, as some have the custom, but encouraging one another, all the more so, as you behold the day drawing near."

    If the day is drawing near why are they forsaking this gathering? In fact why did they forsake their marathons of endurance assemblies. My guess is it doesn't make money. Kingdom business is better eyeballed and controlled in their brainwashing centers, called kingdom halls. Early Christians endured far worse and never forsook their gatherings even to be with the dead in the catacombs.

    It could be perceived as tightening its grip. But it could also be perceived as loosening its grip. Either way, I think they are having hard times, and I sincerely think this move, will not stop its decline. This is a cultlike move for more control and less chance of decension, private interpretation and bonding.

    The revelation book has been revised and studied I don't know how many times, but if it were studied in a kingdom hall setting, there would have to be, only one perception, or take the highway. Maybe they are as tired of rewritning it, as we were of studying it. It doesn't present the GB as being authorities on the subject at any rate.

    They will never snuff out descension. The internet is the most private and easy place to go. Deal with it Watchtower!

    You cut out food at the assemblies. You assign them seating so they can't be with their freinds, you have piped your tripe, right into the effin John, so people can't even take a shit without hearing your baloney, and now you have suceeded in removing a very personal gathering to which has been replaced with your little Kindom Hall meeting. The term kingdom Hall, in actuallity, is a term which describes a place to meet for kingdom business. Just as a town hall is aptly named. Business is the key word, Real estate and publishing to be exact, not to mention the stock market. I'm sure you like to keep your business where you can see it, and control it.

    very efficient indeed. If it gets any more boring, sanitized and efficient, you might need prozac dispensers.

    I don't recall assigned seating at the sermon on the mount.

    I do recall Jesus breaking loaves for 5000 in fact, and providing food, rather than taking it away.

    And I certainly don't recall Jesus ministering to his disciples, while they were taking a shit!

    Jesus knew of peoples physical needs for food, as well as their spiritual need. You know neither.

    There was no business hall in Jesus day. It was called a temple. Jesus kicked all the asses of people who were trying to turn it into something else.

    I am not defending Christianity, but only pointing out that you do not follow the ethics of what is written.

    Oh well. Since when did big business ever have ethics anyways? People that are not team players get shunned and have their families turn on them and their lives ruined. That is a very unethical business practise. Instead of icing your opponents like the mafia you give them a spritual death. Kingdom spiritual business. ( Cult control) Kingdom econmic business( financial control). High order religion, High order business giants. A ruthless and stealthy marriage. A chameleon that lives in a world that changes econimically and intellectually. Survival is a must for both. It is a religious company. It will change when it has to, and under no other circumstances.

    Pure religion should never be involved in business. Nor should it be involved in politics. Spirituality is a matter of the soul. Unity of thought is an illusion as the Revelation book seems to demonstrate. Unity for a religious company is a must because it is married into economics. A cult religion can push militancy when it needs more cashflow. With no unity you can't get funds. It's all or nothing! If it pushes to hard, it will again lose membership, which will lose cashflow. It is a delicate situation. The Gb has two markets to keep its eye on. The spiritual pulse of the congs and the effect of that on the economic pulse of their holdings.

    Creating prophecies, or big announcements like this one will always have some kind of good econimic effect because the spiritual carrot dangling in front of witness is, this must have something to do with the end. Any announcement they make, short of their failed generation change in 95, which was inevitable ,will always have a positive impact on the econmic situation. It's hype. Hype =sales in a business sense.

    Sorry for rambling. I get carried away sometimes.

  • Fisherman

    Thank you fjtoth. Appreciate the info.

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    LMAO, nice one Tyrone. You know you're trapped in a false religion when you can't even take a dump without hearing their baloney. Hearing that baloney while I'm on the throne just makes me squeeze harder, so perhaps its a good thing. LOL.

    Good point about taking the food away at the conventions being quite the opposite to the model Jesus left. I can remember the cold chill that went down my spine when they first did that.


    Having stepped down from my high titled position and refrained from going to the meetings for the last 6 months I have finally agreed to see an elder next week for a little chat to see how i am. No doubT the basis of the conversation will centre around "Not forsaking the gathering of ourselves..."

    What fun I will have... armed with my own kingdom ministry material...


  • blondie

    Thanks, Frank, I didn't realize you translated Spanish. Miss your graphics.

    Love, Blondie

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