I'm getting sucked back in.

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  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    The biggest mistakes I have made in my life were because I thought God was giving me a sign, or telling me what to do.

    I can attest to this fact as well. I remember the first time I tried fading. Every time I had a dream about armageddon, or I would hear from a relative I hadn't heard from in a while, I took these as signs from god to go back. But every time I did, it didn't take long to be reminded why I left in the first place. If god were really giving me a sign, he would've alleviated the nagging doubts I was having.

  • moonpie

    Ok I've made up my mind I am not going back. If there is a Armageddon, Bring it on! I'd rather Die with My husband and Daughter if that's what the almighty wishes, but I won't go back to a religion I have no faith in. That is the end of this Topic. Chao

  • Mr Ben
    Mr Ben

    I hope you come back and read this. Listen, I am no friend of the Witchtower. But you are making the right decision for the wrong reasons! If you don't do your research, but just leave the Witch based on a feeling, then doubts will haunt you. You say bring it on, which shows a part of you might still believe the Big A line. Those haunting doubts might lead you back into the Kingdumb Hell in some future time. Do your research and you will KNOW why it is a cult, and then they will never have any hold on you again...... and you will be equipped to help others see the truth about them.


  • mind my own
    mind my own

    If this was really the truth, you would know in your heart of hearts. It wouldn't take your sister sending you emails trying to guilt you to come back, you would already know.

    Sounds like you have some soul searching to do regardless. This has nothing to do with the religeon. You need to find the answers for yourself, without the input of others.

    Don't let people guilt you, stand up, be strong and do what is right for YOU!!

    And know, we are always here to support you!


  • sass_my_frass

    No, this isn't the end of the topic. This has only just begun for you. Be more gentle on yourself though - step back from 'making a choice' for a while, and see what happens.

  • hotchocolate

    Thank you Jamie Bowers, beautifully said. And quite true. I needed that.

  • Eyes Open
    Eyes Open
    Ok I've made up my mind I am not going back.

    Congratulations. Enjoy life.

    If there is a Armageddon, Bring it on!

    Please, please, please read at least chapter four of this book:

    How to Read the Bible: History, Prophecy, Literature - Why Modern Readers Need to Know the Difference, and What It Means for Faith Today by Steven L. McKenzie.

    It's liberating to find out what people who study the bible for a job have found out about the literature in the bible. Daniel was intended to provide hope for the Jews under oppresion from Greece, and Revelation to encourage Christians under the Roman empire. But don't take my word for it; see some of the evidence yourself.

    If you have any fear of Armageddon left AT ALL, read this book. Now.

    Advice over.

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