I'm getting sucked back in.

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    Tell us about it.

  • moonpie

    I have been talking to one of my sisters and she's making me feel like I have to go back. I've been crying, I've been depressed. I keep praying to god to send me a sign as to what I should do and all I get is my JW sister sending me emails to come back. Are those the signs? On the other hand my hubby tells me not to go back that everything will be fine. I have a little girl who is going to be 2 years old in July, I want to make the right decision. I'm going insane. Is their anyone out there with the right answer. I can't take this anymore . Help !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • changeling

    You have a loving husband and beautiful child and you want to go back and screw up their lives with JW mumbo-jumbo?

    What do YOU want? What do YOU believe?

    Be strong darlin.

    changeling :)

  • *summer*

    Just read your profile...

    You seem pretty happy in your life right now with a good husband and a little girl who makes you feel special.

    You ask...is there anyone out there with the right answer???

    I am afraid not. It is YOUR life. Do not allow anyone to have the "right answers" for you.

    Perhaps looking at the life you have with husband and daughter is the sign...

    Welcome to the forum...

  • Eyes Open
    Eyes Open

    I can send you emails telling you not to go back if you want. But they won't be any more a sign of God than the ones from your sister.

    I don't know your background, but have you really researched the bible and what it says? If so, you should know that what Jehovah's Witnesses believe and preach is anything but the truth. No one should need a high control group to structure their family life and support their child.

    All the best with what you decide.

  • JK666

    Do not let your sister's guilt bombing cause you to do something irrational.

    Welcome to JWD.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Welcome moonpie!

    No one can make the decision but you. What we can do here, is to help you rant, investigate, and probe your reasons.

    I cannot state that it would be bad for you to do back - perhaps it would improve your life? On the other hand, are you just feeling pressure to conform to what others want you to do? There is no single 'right answer' here.

    Start with this:

    Why did you leave? And since leaving, have you discovered reasons to believe that Jehovah's Witnesses are what they claim to be - namely God's select people? Or have you found reasons that support the opposite?

    You mention a two year old. Just one question: should a terrible accident occur, and the doctors are insisting that she needs blood to live, are you confident that what Jw's have taught you is absolutely worth allowing her to die? If you are unsure, then you need to become sure. There is only one way to do that - research your brains out.

    Then make a decision that is YOURS. We can help you reason through it - but I am sure no one here wants to make it for you.

    Your first line - "I am being sucked back in", seems to imply that you are powerless in the matter. O' Contrar! You have all the power this time around. Use it well.


  • Alpaca

    Hi Moonpie,

    Welcome to the board. You are experiencing what many others have gone through when trying to decide whether or not to leave the BORG.

    Take a look at this thread that Randy started as you are thinking this over:

    Why the bookstudy change won't affect as much as you think, tho big!


    The Dubs are great at instilling fear about leaving.

    All the best,


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