I'm getting sucked back in.

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  • journey-on

    Moonpie, I say this with kindess and compassion: Grow up!

    Stop allowing people to guilt trip you and make you go: "Oh, my! It's a sign! What am I to do!? What am I to do! The sky is falling...the sky is falling!"

    Pray (in the proper way) that His will be done in YOUR life. Then release it into the "universe" with faith that that is exactly what will happen, then just live your life and

    begin following your own heart with confidence that everything is being worked out for YOU in YOUR life. That's my advice. Good luck, dear.

  • Hope4Others
    my hubby tells me not to go back that everything will be fine

    You've already been given a sign my dear.



  • MeneMene

    Don't let your sister talk you into anything. Do your research before you make any decisions about returning to the WTBTS.

    Did you see this thread? - http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/11/156555/1.ashx

    Len Miller (Fatfreek) posted it the same day you signed on to JWD so you may have missed it. Please take time to read it - click on the blue word 'link' in the second sentence for the entire discussion. (I printed it out so I can read it easier)

    Can any religion that has changed their doctrines so many times be "the truth" - and then forbid us to question or disagree with them?

    I stumbled across a link to some interesting letters last night in a post that a 'brother' from South Africa had written to the Governing Body. There are 4 different letters written while he held various positions in the congregation including Elder for a while. He posted both his letters and the WTS response. Very interesting how they just blew him off.

    Here is the link - http://www.dimaggio.org/Heretic/1st_corr.htm

    Click on 'Next" in the top left corner to nagivate to the different letters.

  • cawshun

    I know I'm new here, but if your looking for a sign from God, maybe this place is his sign, showing you the real truth. Read All the INFO you can on this sight, it will not only save your life, but your little girl's.

  • hubert

    I can tell you how you can remove any guilt about not attending meetings.

    Get a copy of "Crisis of Conscience" by Ray Franz, and read it. He is very gentle with the j.w.'s, he doesn't bash them. But, once you read his life story, you won't have any more guilt about not "going back". I can almost guarantee that.

    Good luck.


  • greendawn

    Don't go back, adjusting to a new life can be stressful but you will get over it. Your child deserves better than to grow up in a cultic environment.

  • ninja

    sorry I thought this was a post about bill clinton meeting monica lewinsky in a nudist colony

  • Free


    Welcome, Guilt is the best weapon that religions use. Listen to your Husband, life is full of positive things if you just look.

    Telling people they will be destroyed is a weapon called fear and can work only if you let it. Tell your Sister to find her own way to the hall, misery loves company.

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