Illegal Immigrants in Congregations

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  • Layla33

    This matter of undocumented immigrants, does it matter to some of us because they are here illegally or because they are "brown" and of a different culture? Europe is a pretty decent place to live and many Europeans don't want to come to america to clean motel rooms, toilets, and change beds - not to mention every other job these undocumented workers are willing to do. We need to accept this fact, that legal or illegal, it's not going to be Europeans picking strawberries here for us.

    "They" are going to be here legally or illegally. Once they are forced to obtain proper documentation, then what excuse are we going to use to send them back? Do you really want them to have "papers"? Many with proper documentation will not wish to return back home as most with no documents now wish to do.


    I could care less of their color or skin, my ex husband was a legal immigrant, one of my best friends is a legal immigrant, in fact I was at her citizenship ceremony. And she is a Sunni Muslim to boot.

    I will not agree with creating a slave class, it is using people, making them live like second class citizens and sending rheotric to the rest of the country, that we need to not give these people insurance, we need to use these people, not pay them minimum wage, it's disgusting to me. We harbor people who could have any number of disease, criminal records that put us at risk and play with their running from their own country for whatever reason, we don't need to have these people here to do this work, unskilled american citizens have been doing this work for over a hundred years.

    And while illegal immigration in small portions happen, we should not been embracing up to 20 million from one country coming here, that's an invasion and what really bothers me is not just that is a federal crime, but that the real culprit - their own country is not being held accountable to make its way of life livable for its citizens.

    I don't agree with religious organizations getting involved and abetting illegal activities of any kind.

  • DT

    I'm sick of the hypocrisy of the Watchtower Society. They target illegal immigrants, give them false hopes, get them to perform free labor and use their newly acquired social network to intimidate them and keep them in line. They are worse than the unscrupulous employers that take advantage of them. They are making a mockery of the law because it suits them and because it helps them to publish a positive growth rate.

  • looking_glass

    there was a neighboring hall that had tons of dudes but no one was an MS or elder and i wondered why, so i finally asked an old time elder in my hall. it was explained to me that the "brothers" would not actively turn someone in because they are undocumented residents, but those same people could not hold a position of authority in the hall. hence almost no elders or MS.

  • crazyblondeb
    does it matter to some of us because they are here illegally or because they are "brown" and of a different culture?

    Please don't even go there. No one has even mentioned that issue. Don't stir up shit where there is none.

    I'm from TX, some of my best friends are "brown", and of a different culture!!!!

  • jaguarbass

    Down here in Florida there not hiding in the kingdumb halls. I see them cutting grass on the main streets working for the citys as sub contractors. There putting roofs on and working in mc donalds.

    There pretty much out in the open.

    Weve been double bushwacked in Florida.

    Make that tripple bushwacked the daddy and his two idiot sons. And the north america free trade aggreement.

    I dont think skin color has anything to do with it.

    They are taking the work away from our rent a bumbs, alcoholics and temporary workers. Which will cause our taxes to go up to support them.

    They are driving down our wages because they do not pay taxes and require health insurance. They go to the hospital and get treated for free, which causes the hospitals to charge more for those who have insurance.

    I went to the hospital a few months back for a dog bite. The bill was 2,000$ for a ten dolar shot of penacillin.

    It cost 2ooo$ for all the illlegal immigrants and people that dont have insurance on my back.

    Truly I would rather give everyone free health insurance and can the needles war crap, chasing boogie man and rebuilding the middle east. But thats not the way our ding bat leaders want to go.

    So if the United States is going to support Dick Chaney and Halliburton and rebuild Iraq and let pittsburgh, cleveland and Detroit decay we have to put the screws to our little mexican friends.

  • MissingLink

    This is not unique to the Mexicans in the USA. In Ireland a good percentage of witnesses are illegals from eastern europe and africa. They find a good support group at the KH. The elders were instructed to not be so welcoming, and make sure that these ones PROVED they were witnesses before giving them assistance. Seems a lot were faking it just to get help.

  • joelbear69

    To me this is simply another example amid hundreds of the hypocrisy of the Watchtower society.

    They are supposed to obey man's law unless it conflicts with God's law. In this case they simply
    don't do that.

    My personal politics are that its too late to kick out these people out of the country, they have
    established lives here. I am all for making them all citizens and started to collect taxes from

    The trend is established. Immigrants from the poorer nations with direct access to the US
    will continue to flood in until there is more of an economic balance between countries. Economics
    follows a natural trend towards balance.

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