The letter of changing the book study

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  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    that was dealt with last year in a KM on independent study in groups. I think dogpatch has experience in this as well.

  • startingover

    No matter what the reason, this seems like a really stupid move for a cult. Give people some extra time to think and they will.

  • Hortensia

    gosh I wish I could run into a JW today or tomorrow and spill the beans!

  • chickpea

    so if the book study arrangement wont change til jan 09.... then the end can't be THAT close..... so no weasling out of christmas shopping! ( for those who partake)

  • restrangled

    The reasoning is just too bizarre. If they are feeling persecuted either by Satan or the authorities, why are they backing down and not relying on Jehovah. Does this mean if it gets tougher they will cut another meeting?

    Gas prices, come on already....the rest of the world has been paying double or triple what the U.S. has per gallon for years. Did the rest of the rank an file not matter for all this time? If that is the reason, why not put a stop to all the field service requirements and counting of hours.....that's the real gas guzzling enterprise.

    Between the move out of New York and all the pedophilia law suits, I do believe many of the GB have entered into a state of Dementia and are very paranoid.....which would also explain all the new/old/new light. The new head quarters may be a new version of Beth Sharim....


  • DaCheech

    every meeting is costing me about $5 in gas, not counting service!?

  • sinis

    This is no doubt a corporate decision - strategic for money. I wonder if they are waiting 8 months to shift printing to an insert that will fit inside the KM? Realistically this would cut down tremendously on book production, and offset costs on a monthly basis, rather than a lump sum mass print with money expended up front. It would also allow "revisions" to take place in the insert copy that would only be available to insiders, much like the new watchtower arrangement. It is a smart move, think of how many books they no longer need to publish - only a few key books, if that, or tracts (more than likely tracts) - huge MONEY SAVING PLAN!!!!

  • hamsterbait

    The "GAS price " excuse just shows how out of thouch with the rest of the world the Gibbering Buddy really is.

    They didn't care that pregnant Africans were wading through crocodile infested swamps to get to the BS.

    They didn't care that in much of Europe, most witlesses actually WALK (usually just round the corner) to the BS.

    But now the NY Bet-hellites are complaining about paying more (still a fraction of what it is in Europe) for gas they decide to show how much they love and care for the flock.

    It really is BS.


  • carla

    "It starts by saying we are in the last days and those who oppose are making things more difficult" -- what exactly does that mean? opposers have some power to change things?

    Can they name one generation that couldn't have thought they were in the 'last days'? I'm sure when the black plague was going around they thought the same thing, WW1, WW2, the Killing Fields, etc..etc... every generation somewhere in the world could have said the same thing, why obssess? If one is a Christian as jw's claim shouldn't they be ready all the time? not trying to quickly get in brownie points at the so called end?

  • sinis

    Who does the WTS buy paper from? I think this might be part of the reason (enormous paper price increases):

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