Why did Abel offer "fatty pieces" to Yahweh?

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  • JWoods

    Of course, to worry much over this small dietary detail, one would also have to believe literally that the Noachian flood covered all the highest mountains on earth, killed off all vegatation, and diluted the salt water seas.

    Also that ancient people lived from 600 to 900 years in those days.

    To believe the equally fantastic JW beliefs on the subject - all animals, including those obviously designed to be only predators, were somehow vegatarian plant eaters in the days of Eden.

  • poopsiecakes

    What amazes me is that the WT makes these statements as facts and delights in exploring the minutia to push the 'one day we'll all be perfect in a paradise' notion. I have ceased to believe in any of these fables but if anyone pointed out these obvious contradictions, they'd be subjected to serious scrutiny about what else they don't believe. Ludicrous, really....

  • parakeet

    Jehovah is the most needy (imaginary) entity I know. He needs constant reassurance that others love him and are willing to make (literal) sacrifices for him. He gets insanely jealous if anyone as much as looks at other (imaginary) entities. If he believes he's not the center of attention, he'll resort to violence.

    Know what someone like this is called today?

    An abusive boyfriend/husband, the kind for which you get restraining orders, a Doberman, and a stun gun.

  • JWoods

    A Jealous God? - absolutely. He is written to have said so himself on numerous occasions. Violent? If you believe the written accounts, absolutely.

    And let's not forget that Yahweh is not said to have INSTRUCTED Cain and Abel as to what they should do for sacrifice - he kind of expected them to just "know" what would be good enough.

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    The witnesses are the only religion that I know of who believes that animals were not predators and people didn't eat animals until after the flood. Most mainstream religions would consider this strange.

    It is a conglomeration of stories in Genesis. Nothing else can make sense. Man eats apple. God kills animals to put clothes on man. Abel herds sheep, but doesn't eat them. Abel offers a sheep to appease God. Cain kills Abel.

    It sure all goes to hell in a hurry.

  • cameo-d

    Mr. Ben: "...because the priest who compiled the various myths into the Genesis work knew that the sacrifices to Jah were actually consumed by the priesthood........ hence the edict saying you must give the best parts to the priest God. Yum!"

    That's right. And later on, there were secret underground tunnels that led into the temple where the priest, et. al would go have their banquets after the sacrifice was roasted. Also, later, the priests lived separately from the people they fleeced, so they didn't have to be as secretive as before.

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