What if they are about to "close the ark door"?

by Mickey mouse 26 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • hamsterbait

    other posters have shown how the ARK was piled high with the feces of the animals inside.

    The ridiculous Witchtower (the symbolic ark) is also piled high with it.

    The crap is piling up so fast nobody can shovel it out.

    Just like in the original ark, whose logs were rotting years before the flood started.


  • jwfacts

    That is how most religions work, and I imagine it is only a matter of time. Other religions grow as fast as JWs without a door-to-door ministry. Some Pentecostals are growing far quicker, because the members are proad to preach to everyone informally. JWs would have to dump their ridiculous 1914 teaching, and make meetings fun, and then maybe they could grow without the door-to-door slog.

  • knock knock
    knock knock

    Next letter from the GB? ....

    The ark door is now CLOSED! However, there may be a short delay as it has not yet been sealed. Locked. Bolted. Nailed or screwed. Covered with a plaster like substance somewhat akin to the biblical bitumen. And besides, the peephole may remain unobstructed for quite sometime so we can observe the agony of those that persecuted us and ratted us out for OUR misdeeds. .... But, once the peephole is closed, sealed and thoroughly obscured, THEN the end will come. Have a nice trib.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    Let them close it.

    they will look hysterical like russell and his russellites in white robes out on the bridge!

  • cameo-d

    We know the book study is about to be cut. I am reading talk here of the preaching work being declared "over" and possible changes in disfellowshipping policy.

    Mickey Mouse....are you a visionary? Or is the WT just that predictable?

    Isn't the changes in DF policy about to be reality according to latest rumor?

    Question: Do you think they will thin the herd and then announce preaching work over?

    What then?

    Will there be an "inner circle" with the faded weeds kicked out?

    Will inner circle meetings replace the BS?

    According to what I have been reading there are going to be "pandemic drills" soon where agencies will coordinate with "faith based community" (and others) for distribution, etc.

    If congregation has trouble reaching you now, they don't want to be responsible for contacting you during a drill exercise. I wonder if that figures into any of this. (???)

    If they do develop an inner circle..very tight group...it will be a natural progression that you will be 'left out' because you are not keeping up.

    Makes me think of the Freemasons. They claim to be "not a secret organization, but rather, an organization with secrets". That's how they bill themselves. Seems to be a similar pattern with WT.


    It`s always worked in the past.....Why would`nt it work now?....................Laughing Mutley

  • VM44
    We know the WBTS is running low on funds.


    I will pray that The Watchtower goes bankrupt!

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