What if they are about to "close the ark door"?

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  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    We know the book study is about to be cut. I am reading talk here of the preaching work being declared "over" and possible changes in disfellowshipping policy.

    We know the WBTS is running low on funds. They don't make money from the literature and the new recruits are going straight back out of the revolving door. What if the plan is to say "the work is done, Armageddon any day now" in a hope to retain current membership and improve the retention rate of young ones raised "in"? Perhaps the reduced time spent at meetings and in the ministry would induce some to stay?

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    OK, so does no one else remember the "ark door analogy" or does the idea just suck in general?!

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Hello?! Echo...echo...echo...

  • Peppermint

    Reminds me of the Telephone Sanitizers. Maybe we should just wave goodbye and launch the ark on its way.

    http://tlb.org/telsan.html (First paragraph)

  • reniaa

    lol was gonna reply aren't JW's waiting for scriptural signs before they shut the "ark door" as in "signs in the heavens" and the saying of peace in a perculiar way, and the world "turning on religion and getting rid of it" sign?

  • Jim_TX

    reniaa - "...aren't JW's waiting for scriptural signs before they shut the "ark door"..."

    You know how they work... they will say that these things HAVE happened, and they were invisible - and anyone who is 'discerning' can see it. (Implying that if you don't agree it has happened - you ain't spiritual enuf).

    I don't have an answer to what they may be planning - but they can always make up ways to 'explain' why they have chosen to do something.


    Jim TX

  • lisavegas420

    I remember the "ark door analogy". It was the answer that they gave me when I asked, "would everyone not a JW know what was happening when Armegeoddon started"


  • cypher50

    Doubt it since they are still making strides in different areas of the globe; also, despite the amazing amount of world-ending prophecies, the WTS is like any other religion in that it wants to keep attracting new members in perpetuity to earn more cash flow so why cut it off now? Anybody saying that the preaching work will be declared over is just dreaming so that they can sleep in on Saturday mornings like the rest of us... I tell you this, if somehow the WTS did end the preaching work and stuff then that would make for awkward conversation when I take my mom to the doctor..."the end of the world is soon, son!"

  • garybuss

    The Witness group tried a closed door teaching same as their sister group, the SDA's. Remember the doors to heaven closed in 1935? How'd that work out for em?

  • Honesty

    They don't have to worry about the door.

    I closed it for them when I jumped ship.

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