Your relationship with Jesus Christ

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  • daystar

    Which Jesus? The Jesus of the JWs? The Jesus of the Catholics? The Mormons? ...

  • Finally-Free

    Burn, I have a problem with Saint Francis of Assisi. I don't see any cockatoos in that picture!


  • BurnTheShips
    Burn, I have a problem with Saint Francis of Assisi. I don't see any cockatoos in that picture!

    There weren't any in Italy during the middle ages!

  • parakeet

    Having a relationship with someone who has been dead for more than 2,000 years has overtones of necrophilia. Creepy.

  • kwintestal

    He's my son and I have approved of him. He's doing his first year of T-Ball and is doing great at hitting, but not the best second baseman. There's talk of sending him to the outfield.


    oh, btw ... Hi real one

  • Layla33

    What I find most interesting about this question is that people still refuse to believe that he is a 'creation'.

    Even historical backs up that it took 300 years for the bible to be canonized, which means it was written, re-written, books taken out, books added, many different versions, ideology were extended into it. Every written word of Jesus in the bible and his accounts were written many years after his supposed life. No one actually lived at the time of what is written. And most of what is acribed to "Jesus" is from Pagan beliefs and myths that have been around since the beginning of written word. Virgin birth = pagan belief, walking on water = myth, dead and then coming back to life to a chosen few = myth.

    Then he has been created, recreated, life/death so many times, depending on who you talk to, everyone has a different version. It is my complete belief that Jesus the divinity is a complete and utter man made creation that people needed to have. If you worship Jesus, then worship Zeus, Baal, Aphrodite, because they are all on the same level.

    How can you have a relationship with something that was created by mankind because we needed a "savior"?

  • Twitch

    My relationship with Jesus is about the same as the one with my dead uncle.

  • Mincan

    He's a very inconsistant friend. In fact I'd go so far as to say he's downright negligent. All that time I spent thinking about him and talking to him, and he never returns calls. He has very high expectations for everyone but himself. He's also very slow on promises.

  • IP_SEC

    Jesus? He's great!! takes care of my yard for 20 dollars and beer.

  • daystar

    Two of my favorite LOLJesus'.



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