Dreams yet to be realized.....

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  • Locutus of Borg
    Locutus of Borg
    I'm now in grad school and also working full time.

    Awesome!!!, dp

    God bless you, you have more energy than me. I would love to do my Masters, but my job can be be very demanding at times, requiring weeks away from home and thus not conducive to further studies;. Plus I will be 55 this year, a Masters will do way more for my ego than for my career . . .

    Keep on keeping on, man.

    ahh, to be young and out of the Kult . .

  • wings
    ahh, to be young and out of the Kult . .

    good times...

  • spanteach
    Are you going alone?

    I am, yes. I've been very busy on Itunes the past few days, getting my music ready for the road. I've got a really great variety, I think, for all the different moods I'll go through and all the different parts of the country I'll visit (ie Elvis in Memphis, John Denver in the Rocky Mountains, Beach Boys in California, Alanis Morrissette if I'm feeling angry, Wicked soundtrack and Roxette if I'm in a great mood and just feel like singing.)

  • LouBelle

    Well I'm not that young but I do have a whole host of dreams to get through.

    Travelling: Would love to tour Russia. Go to Alaska and see those glaciers. Go to the Antartica / Artic - Can't remember but you can only get the by boat on one of them. An Island holiday. See the major wild cats in their natural habitat (very doable from here)

    Stuff: Bungi jump, sky dive.

    Buy: telescope - kurt through his passion reminded me it was something I've always wanted.

    That'll do for now - once these are down I'll get some more dreams.

  • kurtbethel

    I have knocked out several of the dreams on the list. Had some that turned to ashes and I realized that I didn't realize what I was doing and didn't really want that.

    The future ones are of travel, adventure, creativity, and friends.

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