4 the Faders. How did u get out leading the cong in prayer while fading?

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  • logic&reason

    Has everyone seen the movie "Super Troopers"? When they would compete to see who could say "meow" the most times when they pulled someone over for a ticket.

    It would be funny to see how many times you could say "meow" in a prayer.

    "...and thank you for the faithful and discreet slave *meow* who give us our food at the proper time... and *meow* as we consider this fine information this evening..."

  • Finally-Free

    Be irregular at meetings, turn in low hour reports, comment very rarely. When you pray, do it in a very quiet, boring monotone, and make sure you say the same thing every time. Incorporate long, uncomfortable pauses into your prayers. The occasional stutter is good too. It won't take long before they quit asking you to say prayers.


  • funkyderek

    As far as I recall I only had to do it once while fading. I said more or less a standard prayer but I didn't say "Jehovah", just "Our heavenly father", hoping that someone would challenge me, whereupon I would point them to Matthew 6 where Jesus instructed his followers in how to pray, and of course never said Jehovah.

    But nobody noticed. I think I was the only person who ever paid attention at meetings.

  • TrekkerJW

    I was dating my partner for 2.5 years while still living with my parents and going to meetings. Despite low service hours (6 to 10 a month, a few of those fake), I was asked to pray at the BS and the TMS and SM. I kept them pretty generic; I'm not sure how nobody noticed. I always tried to come up with something to make my prayer sound unique, so that my prayers became, "Generic, generic, point from meeting, generic." I hated every minute of it!

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