A jw reaction to the BIG Announcement

by Tired of the Hypocrisy 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • thom

    I just mentioned this to my grandmother a couple of hours ago. Her reaction was about the same, "No, I haven't heard anything like that. They wouldn't do that, I'm sure."

  • JH

    I'll believe it when I see it.....

  • easyreader1970

    Typical JW response to either scenario:

    1. There will be a BS!!! It's Jehovah's Blessing!!!
    2. There won't be a BS!!! It's Jehovah's Blessing!!!

    I told someone about the possible announcement and that was their response. Whatever the GB decides is right!

    Now in the case of the existence or non-existence of separate congregation book study, it's not that big of a deal. But I find it problematic that this is their programmed response regardless of the information.

  • Midget-Sasquatch

    Since I'm in the same cong as my family I couldn't say I heard it from there but from someone else. Well, my sister was agitated by it. Spewing off about how only people who lacked apppreciation for spiritual food would be happy with the cuts. Pretty much the same reaction when I mentioned about the public talks being shortened by a third.

  • mkr32208

    I don't think this will be greeted with joy by the older ones at least. I think it will be a major kick in the crotch... I know that book study attendance is a joke always has been but it's part of being a witness! I think if this is true it will be a huge shot of mercury into an already cancer and tumor riddled organization.

  • undercover
    I'm hoping that the news will make alot of members uncomfortable and they'll start their exit.

    It might make a few question some things...but the vast majority are going to believe whatever BS story their told and fall in line in promoting it as a "blessing from Joe Hober". In fact, the first impression is going to be a cognitive dissonant one: "Yay! we've got an extra night we don't have to dress up and go out...isn't Jehovah a loving God for giving in to our selfish desires?"

    We (ex-JWs/JWDers) are making more of this than they ever will.

  • joebin

    I think the extra night will be turned into an extra night out in the service. Most people are not home during the day, it was hard to get the witnesses out in the evening because of too many meetings. They won't have that excuse now.

  • ldrnomo

    New light! The light is really getting briter and briter (sic)

    If this is a sign of new light then that means that no meetings will be really be bright lite

  • Gerard

    You all know they will take anything in. Remember the novel "1984", where the chocolate ration is cut by half but in print they published it was increased and everybody believed it. One day they were at war with China and the other day were told they have always been at war with Europe. No problem then.

    Most JWs would receive a kick on the nads and say thank you, if it came from Brooklyn. Very sad....

  • Denise64

    Well is it god that has decided we do not need the book study? or a bunch of silly old men in America!! Could n't they just do away with the whole lot of the meetings. I have been JW all my life and enough of this B*** S*** is enough. Getting out of my JW box for goood!!

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