A jw reaction to the BIG Announcement

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  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    Hey kids, what's doing?

    I sent off an email to a relative and asked if she heard anything about the Big Announcement this Sunday. I told her what I heard about it and here is her response. I wonder if it is typical of what will be happening this weekend.

    No we haven't, I can't imagine that happening because a home study as a family is very important. And book study at the home is what has been happening for ever....We have the circuit servant this week starting tomorrow, if that is to happen he will certainly tell us....I have not heard any thing like that.....how reliable is your friend's info?
  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Sounds about right. However, once they hear it from the platform they will all nod along and say "What a wonderful provision from the F&DS".

  • Honesty

    Remind her of what she said before the announcement AFTER it is announced.

    Then again, that may not be a good idea unless you don't mind being shunned.

  • sspo

    Their usual response is, "loving provision from jehovah and of course the end must be really close".

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Once the news comes out make sure you do a follow up about how "important" the book study is.

  • Open mind
    Open mind
    a home study as a family is very important.

    Uuuuhhhhh. I think something got lost in translation.

    Might want to try again.


  • sacolton

    I'm hoping that the news will make alot of members uncomfortable and they'll start their exit.

  • Finally-Free

    Typical JW response to either scenario:

    1. There will be a BS!!! It's Jehovah's Blessing!!!
    2. There won't be a BS!!! It's Jehovah's Blessing!!!


  • MeneMene
    a home study as a family is very important

    Did they understand it is the "Congregation" Book Study and not a family book study at home?

  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead

    I think they'll say:

    New light! The light is really getting briter and briter (sic)

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