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  • journey-on
    PO to be done away with

    This one makes sense for two reasons:

    1) If KHs are be sold off and proceeds going to WTS, no authority remains within the congregation to hinder this process. (See post about recent changes to congregation's

    Articles of Incorporation posted here:

    2) Releases PO as the congregation's religious authority in charge in case of more legal lawsuits.

    Folks! I believe the wagons are circling.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    "High-level apostate."

    Isn't that a JW oxymoron?

    I thought that, by JW definition, all apostates are lower than whale poop!

    But hey, if any high-level apostates are reading this, how about getting liquor licenses for all Kingdom Halls and turning the back room into a lounge. I might actually start contributing again if you were able to make that happen! (Well, I'd at least contribute for what I drank.)


  • OnTheWayOut

    Many of these changes make sense from a legalistic point of view.
    The cloak-and-dagger release method makes sense as everything over
    there is secretive and suspicious, and I could see someone leaking it
    but not outright spilling the news in case someone traces it back to them.

    Eliminating the PO, at least in name, makes sense as was pointed out
    here about a responsible party at the cong. to sue.

    Still, the methods of release and our sheer speculative marathons cause
    us to never know what to really expect. If the PO's were told something,
    someone would have spilled it here, so they must be in the dark. (Yes,
    make a joke here.)

    Apparently, there are vast changes planned. While we will run amok with
    speculations, we can be sure that they are about lawsuits, money, keeping
    members. Since all those are major concerns right now, they must have
    major plans to address each.

    What might be our problem here- most of us have been in the organization
    through a fairly stable period. We are post-1975 and the only major changes
    were 1995's GENERATION and the more recent ones with books, mags,
    invitations offered door-to-door, shorter public talks, now the bookstudy.
    We are used to a fairly stable WTS, when it's own history shows it is really
    quite unstable, but we were fooled by a short stable time.

    Garybuss said something along the lines that this is a book-publishing company.
    One way to guarantee a bestseller is to change the doctrine. All the JW's will
    want that book, so it sells millions. It's not a secret that they will keep changing
    things. I think he also said they keep changing doctrine because even they
    don't believe it.

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