Top Ten Most Annoying Singers...

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  • mrsjones5

    Whitney Houston

    I used to wonder why she married Bobby Brown, I thought she married beneath herself but after watching their reality show I realized that I gave her more class than she deserved.

  • oompa

    OH! OH ! OH! about moving up the list!!!

    Debbie Boone...."you light up my life"....not........................oompa

    soooo wish I knew how to embed that tune here!!1

  • inkling
    2. Adam Durizt.....Counting Crows

    Well, there is no accounting for taste.


  • FlyingHighNow
    On the other hand - Amy Lee is awesome. She's supposed to be in pain - have you listened to the words?

    No, her voice causes such an unpleasant reaction that I don't care what her words are, she sounds terrible. I cannot believe itpasses for music. It proves to the record companies that people, especially kids, will buy talentless trash, so why should they waste the efforts in finding truly talented people who sound good when they sing or play? Record companies don't need to hire good writers and hope for the next big hits. They hire less than mediocre people and have them do formula music and kids lap it up like hungry animals. I have had teenagers tell me they hate oldies. Then I'll put on some great 60's or 70's songs and they'll ask, "Oh my god, what is that, I love it. Why don't we have music like that now?" I tell them, "Because as long as you kids by junk that passes for music, that's what will be for sale."

  • hillbilly

    I like Neil Young... I can play most of the TUNE he wrote and he sings in my key.

    Why, if not for Neil I'd be the most annoying singer .......


  • FlyingHighNow

    Did you ever see the cheesy movie with You Light Up My Life in it. The girl lipsynced Debbie Boone. She was one of the actresses from the movie Grease. The one who was the Beauty School drop out.

  • changeling

    Celine Dyon and Michael Bolton, yuck!

    Nosferatu: How can you not like Meatloaf??????????


  • Mary

    Britney Spears tops my list as most annoying singer. I never really thought she had much talent in the first place and was nothing but a Madonna wannabee.

    Madonna is Number Two on my list. While she has a decent enough voice, I've never been a real fan of hers as she tends to rely too much on shock value and controversy rather than actual talent.

  • changeling

    Oh, and I personally despise Kelly Pickler for making all blond, southern women look bad (did you see her on "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?"). She is the dumbest person in show business ever!


  • babygirl75

    Jessica Simpson & Mariah Carey. They both act like they are having seizures when they sing.

    Miley Cyrus. A 15yr old with a smokers voice.

    Kanye West...can't stand his attitude.

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