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  • FlyingHighNow

    Hill, I wrote you a PM.

    I don't think the rock music would go down too well not with traditional cricket anyway but Baseball obviously evokes similar feelings as Cricket does over here. If I ever get to America I think I will have take in a live game.

    Look back through my thread, I posted some links to the songs they play at the games. Like the Gary Glitter Rock and Roll Part 2: The Hey Song and John Fogerty Centerfield. Center Field is a great song to feel the spirit of baseball.

    Yes, baseball is not a stodgy, prim game. It's a lot of fun. It is orderly, but not reserved like Cricket.

  • Peppermint

    "It is orderly, but not reserved like Cricket"

    It can get lively at times.

  • hillbilly

    Baseball gets a bad rap ... seems real slow on TV. thats wahy so many people dont follow the game today. I hardly ever watch TV sports.... sleep right through it.

    Our Kids would rather play a game with sudden gratification. soccer.. hockey. Or games that break the family piggy bank... ever buy a set of Ice Hockey pads?

    Kids will not play a game that requires no to little equipment or wont plug into a wall socket these days. Baseball... or it's variations... A stick, a ball and a vacant lot is all you need. The ball can be everything from a real baseball to a round wad of duct tape. Baseball can be played by anyone and mastered by the chosen few. Playing catch with your dad..or brother or even your mom if she's a gamer, is intament. Are we afraid to bond these days? I think we are.

    "Feild of Dreams" ...am I the only person in my household who gets that movie? I have seen it 100 times... and I tear up at least 10 times during the story. Same with "The Natural".

    I have never seen football player say anything as close to what Lou Gehrig said on his retirement day.

    Live baseball? What a better way to spend 3 hours or so.


  • kerj2leev

    Well as a youth I was fortunate enough to be able to play sports. Although my parents were marked for it, I'm glad they let me.

    Probably my greatest memory was back in 1982 when our All-Star team was able to play on Wrigley Field. Of course at the time I was 12 and didn't really appreciate it, but now I certainly do. Looking back on that time of warm summer nights under the lights play ball is something that is truly special to me.

    My son has his first game on Saturday, he played last year and is excited about this season. I know he is going to look back on these times with fond memories.


    Great baseball song!

  • Dagney

    There is a romance about it. The crack of the bat hitting the ball, the banter of the crowd, the hot sun and the cold beer and peanuts...it's all good. (The mere fact I don't have to go to the stadium for a religious conference makes it especially sweet. )

    It's always a fun day relaxing at a baseball game. My family keeps my sport gene alive, thankfully.

    My story is about my little seven year old nephew. He's a smart little guy we knew, but he did not care one bit about learning his letters, words or numbers. Only mild interest was ever shown, and I think he was faking it.

    Enter baseball. He is a little guy. They went to sign him up for T-ball, but the coach saw something in him and put him directly into Little League. He has found his passion, he gets it. He is getting the math in the numbers, the words and letters by the players. He comes home from 1st grade and puts his practice clothes on immediately. He loves the comraderie and spirit that comes with being on a team. He is a good little ball player to boot, always scoring and making runs.

    I was raised in an environment where no sport or other activities were ever allowed. Thankfully, my niece and her husband are offering this opportunity to their son; I fear things would be quite a struggle for him if he didn't find this outlet for his interest. Phew!

    Dodger Dog anyone?

  • FlyingHighNow
    "Feild of Dreams" ...am I the only person in my household who gets that movie? I have seen it 100 times... and I tear up at least 10 times during the story. Same with "The Natural".

    I get it and I go around playing the soundtrack to The Natural. I am bummed because the tape player in my car ate a tape and won't play tapes anymore. It was fun to drive around town watching the goings on to the music of the natural. Sometimes, traffic lights would even change on cue.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Kerj, I love that song. I would love to see an all star game, especially at Wrigley. You know, some of the old parks are as beloved as the teams and players. Wrigley's one of them. How cool for the people who live around the field and watch the games live from the comfort of their homes.

    CenterField is the best baseball song ever. I love it when they play it at the games.

    Dagney, that's great about your nephew. I want to get Julian into some kind of sport and he wants to take guitar lessons as well.

    Hill, when I was growing up in the south, football was such a big deal that I didn't understand why they called baseball America's favorite pass time. I wasn't a big football fan. Now I understand. Professional baseball players in the majors make more than football players. Basketball players make more than football players. I prefer baseball.

  • hillbilly

    You should count the number of college football players who make it in Big Leauge Baseball. Most kids play football thinking that they can make it in the NFL...

    Between minor and major leauge baseball there are way more roster spots than the NFL has. If you do make it... you will work longer than an NFL player will on average

    Baseball has pretty hefty signing bonuses too. 6 figures right out of high school or more to try A ball for a lot of kids.

    American kids are getting stupid and lazy about baseball... why is the leauge full of Islanders and Latins... they see it as a way up and out.


  • Hope4Others

    My husband played ball when he was a teenager he wanted to play professional, but of course then they

    got the "Truth". and it was all over.


  • FlyingHighNow

    Interesting about the kids who make it into pro baseball.

    Hope 4, I wish your husband had been able to play. I think of all the regrets we all have. I just shake my head. At least I wasn't raised in it and didn't get mixed up with the jws until I was nearly 18. That was bad enough.

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