Big Announcement could be a Sting against JWD

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  • Not Feeling It
    Not Feeling It
    I dont think they got it for years...just worried about necked ladies on there..............oompa

    Whoa! There's nekkid chicks on the Interweb? That is much better than religious discussion groups. CYA Never! I rescind my membership.

    -- Not Wanking It. Well....

  • Terry

    What the Organization wants to root out is the double agent.

    Who is the most likely candidate? It is the person with the target on their back from the following behaviors.

    1.Spotty meeting attendance

    2.Low field service stats

    3.Murmurers who "question" things innocently.

    4.Persons with unbelieving members in the household.

    5.Brothers (or sisters) who make sharp replies to questions that bring in "outside" information not in the publications.

    6.Members who seem to be more aware than average about worldwide problems in the Organization. (i.e. sexual abuse, U.N. scandal, lawsuits, etc.)

    7.JW's who avoid giving yes or no answers to loyalty questions.

    Can there be a Kingdom Hall without such people? Hardly.

    From what I've heard (second hand from active JWs) the most likely candidate for apostacy are actually Elders fed up with pressures and policy flip flops!

    They get themselves disfellowshipped in a blaze of glory. They bad mouth the Society for a while and then, slink back with their tail between their legs begging for forgiveness after they have purged themselves of built up angers.

    If there is a STING operation being planned it will work.

    It is called "Disinformation". Variations of sensitive details will be spread in different areas. The detail that gets leaked will identify which area it came from. That will identify which Kingdom Hall houses the offender. From there, by direct questionings the guilty party will quickly be rooted out.

    Once you are pissed off at the Org it is almost impossible to proclaim loyalty when directly asked without hedging and dodging.

    Such a plan can work.

  • 5go

    Terry I came up with this idea along time ago. There are two problems.

    One ) the GB thinks Jehovah will take care of it and these problems really mean the end is close.

    Two ) the GB doesn't have any intelligence, much less counter-intelligence.

    It's Satan doing that is that, Jehovah will sort this out in their minds. Which is why the problem gets worse because they aren't doing anything about it. It is a typical problem with most divinely anointed groups. They feel they are protected by god and if god doesn't do something it's the lays fault and god will set them straight them in his due time. Mean while legal is stuck trying to clean up the mess covertly. Which explains the legal bungling and money shortages of the WT.

  • BurnTheShips
    Big Announcement could be a Sting against JWD

    If its a trap I am skewered. I already blabbed to the innies in the family. They asked me how I knew "rumor".

    If it comes to pass: "Pozatates have the holey spirits so 'hober tells them first".


  • Seeker4

    I agree with Terry's assessment of why the WTS is petrified of the Internet. Open access to information is terrifying to them.

    I'm not sure about the disinformation idea. Not very WTSish.

    I do agree that disgruntled elders are great apostate material. I was one! But I don't know of any of us who have slunk back to the WTS with our tails tucked. It's hard to undo apostate thinking. It's like asking someone to become a child again.


  • kwr

    You're paranoid.

  • Quirky1

    A covert operation!! By jove I think you have it!


  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Maybe the boys in Brooklyn are indeed getting a bit nervous about this Dam age of information.

    Possibly the GB is starting to run and hide, the falsities are being revealed to their dismay and concern.

    With all of these recent spins and diversions, it makes me wonder if this will make them so dizzy they will finally collapse.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    While Terry's speculation about disinformation is possible, we should be keen to recall, as 5go mentioned, that they feel divinely protected. For this reason I doubt that this 'announcement' is a ruse.

    They might try it will some other inside information, but it would be massive work to develop info that was intricately detailed for each venue, in order to track down a rat inside. It would be far easier to hire computer hackers with the talent to find from where specific apostates are posting, and nail them that way.

    The latter approach would be illegal of course, but when has that ever stopped them? Of course, once it became known they would stoop to that level, apostates would just become smarter about how they communicated. Remember, apostates in hiding have more to lose in the short run, so they will be harder driven to survive such attacks. They would become the fittest for survival. The Watchtower lumbers like a dinosaur seeking to destroy mice. The mice might eventually weaken, even destroy the foundation of the structure. But a dinosaur attempting to destroy the mice will certainly do more damage and more quickly. The Watchtower's worse enemy is itself.

    Face it Watchtower. Apostates, and their dissemination of reality that dispels your fantasy will continue onward. Get used to it!

    This announcement is no ruse IMO.


  • WTWizard

    If it was a sting, they could have gone after it quite a few times. Like the time when the announcement in the Sept 2007 Kingdumb Misery was posted in July. Like when someone posts a Washtowel Kool-Aid on the forum or a link to it. Like when they have the letters read about the two Washtowel editions last spring. They already have plenty of other places where people post these letters.

    More likely, it could merely be a huge buildup to an even bigger letdown. They want people out in field circus on Sunday after the boasting session. They want people to pay attention to the theocraptic arrangement in booking "illegal" motel rooms. And so on. Hopefully, too many of those false alarm "big announcements" will mean people blowing them off.

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