Security measures regarding the "big announcement" 4/27

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  • sir82

    Per our PO, real "cloak and dagger" stuff...

    He received a "highly confidential" letter from the Society last week, instructing him to

    1) Read the letter

    2) Tell no one else about it until 4/27...specifically told NOT to announce to the congregation "there will be a big announcement next week"

    3) Re-seal the letter in a new envelope, not to be opened until 4/27

    4) Read the letter to the congregation after the WT study on 4/27...he is allowed to inform the elders of the contents of the letter just prior to the start of the public talk, if he wants to.

    He did not tell me what the content of the letter was, but he was pretty freaked out about it.

    Other threads on this board have indicated the change is a shortening of the Book Study and melding it onto the same night as the Ministry School and Service Meeting (which would be shortened as well). That sounds plausible, it would be enough to shake up our very-old-school PO.

  • momzcrazy

    I remember it was similar when they went to all donations. I was dating an MS, and my dad was an elder. It was all covert ops and secretive. Boy, what a let down that was!


  • cinnamon1642

    Our WT study conductor today particularly made the point that "all will want to be in attendance next week for a very special important announcement from the governing body. But don't ask us what it is because we don't know either."

    Sounds like cong's weren't even to advise the pubs that there would be a special announcement, probably the reason they're having it read on Sunday when there is a bigger chance more people would be there.

  • slimboyfat

    Does anyone know for sure if the same anouncement will be made in the UK at the same time, or might there be delay outside the US?

  • joebin

    Preaching work is over(nobody wants to do it anyway), the doors are almost shut, and only those active will receive protection or special inside info from now on.

    Or, a nicely packaged (provided lovingly of course) software suite to help the brothers do research online. This would include virus protection and anti-spyware, but would not alert of their own embedded backdoor virus. If you're stupid enough to use it it would track your online movements, and your occasional visit to JWD.

    The anticipation is killing me. I want something big for once, come on GB outdo yourselves.LOL

  • WTWizard

    It doesn't matter. All it takes is one apostate to post it, and then any apostate will be able to get hold of it before the congregations ever find out.

  • VM44

    This is funny.....sounds to me a lot like the preparations for giving someone a Surprised Birthday Party!

  • sir82
    All it takes is one apostate to post it, and then any apostate will be able to get hold of it before the congregations ever find out.


    I generally eschew conspiracy theories, but I wonder if part of the reason for handling the matter this way was an effort to see where the leaks are?

    If so, I'm pretty sure the Bethel monitors are checking out this site today. Hi guys!

  • footstepfollower

    Drats! I been found out!

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    ok well then the Aussie brothers will know first and anyone from Aussieland will post it here for us to see sunday morning. I'm on the west coast so it will be morning for me.

    BTW, for the donation arrangement it was know by the elder body, the servants, and anyone in literature, (I was), b4 the announcement. They had an elders meeting and I was there although I wasn't serving at the time.

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