Remember the term: Heavy petting.

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  • odie67

    I guess that would include tongue kissing, touching etc....the things two people do when they dig each other. Heavy petting was a huge no no!

    I remember sitting in front of three elders as a teenager spilling my guts about how I kissed this boy. I had like 4 or 5 meetings with these men telling them how, when and where we kissed. answering questions like "did he touch your breast?" and on and on. I was very depressed after that. I had to reveal all this private stuff about myself that really I should have only discussed with my parents. It's really sad....I know plenty of other young girls and older women too who have been humiliated in this way.

  • free2beme

    That term just makes me horny! LOL Must be some old Witness trigger.

  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead

    Feel free to tell all here.. Just kiddin...

    I've been on both sides... as a former elder I had to pry, and it wasn't esy. Some of my fellow elders were really zealous in getting the details, just to make sure whether it was porneia or not (and with single sisters that didn't mean much anyway). "So did he touch your body part ". Did he wear a condom? Were you planning to have sex? How long was the sex act? and so on....

    And I've been on the other side where I've had to spill my guts out. And cry alot. And have to tell the nitty gritty of what I did and.....

    I'm glad I don't recognize their authority anymore. They can kiss my

    [email protected]

  • loosie

    lol yup. I remember that. Is heavy petty a jw only term?

  • JK666

    Yeah, I remember the term. I even remember doing it. Those were the days!


  • LouBelle

    mmmm I still enjoy heavy petting.

  • yknot

    My sister went through something similar....... she is DFd......a year later she decided to sleep with a guy because 'they already thought her a worthless slut".......from there we lost her for 15 years. BTW she didn't kiss anyone but was the only one at a party that wasn't a Eldumkid.

    The repeated meetings and probbing questions are to determine if the 'incident' was a onetime thing or a 'practice'

    Sick Bastards

    Geez....Confession to a priest... is bad but fessing up to an Elder is good?

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy
    mmmm I still enjoy heavy petting.

    Me too. Isn't that where you pet your fat cat?

  • momzcrazy

    ***sigh*** Yes, I remember...


  • LouBelle
    Me too. Isn't that where you pet your fat cat?

    How did you know I had a cat?

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