Remember the term: Heavy petting.

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  • seawolf
    The only time I heard this is when a lady boasted she'd been hit with a large python!

    dang I told her to keep that quiet.

  • BluesBrother

    "Pay Attention to Yourselves and to All the Flock " p 92/93

    "Uncleanness includes an intentional momentary touching
    of sexual parts or caressing of breasts . (1 Thess . 4:7, 8 ;
    1 Tim. 5 :1, 2 )
    9 2
    Such minor uncleanness can be handled at the discretion
    of an elder or two ; it does not require a judicial
    hearing .
    There is a need for strong counsel, admonition, and
    assistance to help the individual to maintain chaste
    conduct in the future .
    If not corrected, such conduct may escalate in gravity
    and by frequent repetition become loose conduct .
    Loose conduct is a shocking, flagrant disregard for Jehovah's
    moral standards . (Gal. 5 :19 ; w83 3/15 p . 31 ; w73
    9/15 pp . 574-6)
    It may include the willful practice of heavy petting or
    the fondling of breasts .
    The nature, circumstances, and actual extent of what
    has occurred may indicate loose conduct, which would
    require judicial action .
    Such practices can easily lead to por.nei'a ."

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Why on earth did the elders need so much detail on this in a JC?

    I remember having to do that and at one point I asked if this was a new concept to them, because the type of questions and attention to detail makes it sound like I was introducing some thing new. They made a reference in knowing all details so that they could help me prevent myself from doing it again. I finally just said, look we're all men in this room, I think if I name an act, the details of how should be understood since we're all married.

    I really flt sorry for the sister being alone in a room with men discussing intimate detail. Sorry pervert creepy to me. I honestly think another sister should be in the room for this sort of detail.

  • Ima Apostate
    Ima Apostate

    Having to talk about sexual things you've done in front of elders is so weird...I remember my one or two times in the back room getting questioned... But I was at the height of my teenager bitchiness, so I just kept rolling my eyes and not telling them what they wanted to know.

    As an adult, I'd almost like to be in one of those rooms now, for kicks. I'd probably get a kick out of trying to turn the elders on by saying, "Yeah, and he kept rubbing my breasts, and it made me so wet! I wanted his c**k so freakin' bad so I...."

    Well, you get the idea. I'm a little twisted like that. And those elders deserve any torment they can get, those condenscending little bastards.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    oh but for a moment when I could say, "Yea I F%&cked the beeoch and it was good. I licked her like a lollipop and she screamed like a banshee. lol

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