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    KW for Kingdom Hall, (it was a mistake, sorry)

    The duration will be 25 minutes for book study, then 30 minutes for school, and last service meeting 35minutes.

    In theory mantaining the 5 meetings, but only in two occasions

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  • undercover

    If this announcement is true, I think it's probably designed to help alleviate some of the work for elders. If everyone meets at the hall then either they will have 1 book study conductor and rotate the readers like they do the WT study, or they will rotate the book study conductor to give elders/ministerial servants a break or assign a MS to do the book study.

    You've got a point there...but not to alleviate work for the elders...but to make sure they have enough qualified brothers leading the bookstudy. I've heard that they are having a harder and harder time finding qualified brothers reaching out for eldership. If there are too few elders, it makes it hard to have a qualified (read "controlled") brother to conduct the study properly.

    I also think that if true, it will alleviate stress for people that currently have book study in their home. I use to have it in mine and always dreaded Tuesday's and Saturday's. It's a lot of work especially if you have small children, and that always seemed to be the ones that offered their homes when I was in.

    Nothing the Society does is to help alleviate stress for the publishers. The very nature of the Society and being a JW is stressful in ways that the average JW never catches on to.

    This change...if to streamline the meetings and to increase control of the meetings.

    Another thought that I just had...maybe it's an insurance thing. If bookstudies are an extension of the hall and someone was to get hurt or injured while attending a bookstudy...not only is the homeowner's insurance responsible, maybe the Society could be liable as well. Maybe the homeowner would look to the Society for restitution as well. Taking meetings out of the home could eliminate a lot of insurance/legal headaches.

  • chikikie

    wow is this everywhere, when will it start?

  • daniel-p

    Undercover, while I agree that not having meetings in private homes could ease potential liabilities, I don't think that's their main reason for this. Remember, they could just hold the book study at the hall for everyone on the same night. But it sounds like they're actually eliminating an entire meeting. In essence, they would be making it easier to be a JW, by reducing the burden of mid-week meetings. It's a modernization effort, I believe, on the part of the younger generation of GB members.

  • loosie

    If it's true they can save $$ on printing costs. they won't have to print so many little books to study at the bookstudy. I bet most publishers won't read the little books if they don't have to study them for bookstudy.


    Agree with Daniel p, about the real motif for the change

    It makes easier to be a JW


    Starting January 2009

    Further details in future letters

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    is this for real? wow why couldn't they do this back when I was a kid!!

  • FlyingHighNow

    That was the only meeting I could stand. It was short. It wasn't at the hall. And sometimes, there were donuts.

  • JH

    Since not much is happening prophecy wise, they make changes here and there to buy time.

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