Need help disassociating

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  • tika

    Congratulations on getting out now. I did the same thing you did, studied for about a year and the more I learned the more uneasy I became. I have a son with alot of problems and I couldn't see raising him in that religion. They bring alot of problems unto themselves and it makes me so sick and guilty feeling that I subjected my son to as much of it as I did. You are young... you will make other friends, and believe me, they won't want much to do with you when they find out you don't share all of their beliefs...but don't be glum you can hang with us kool kats, TotH and I are a little pale, but don't let us scare you, Ha ha!

  • nelly136

    you're right you don't have to justify to them why you arn't going to a meeting or why you don't want to study, it really is as simple as that.

    you may find they only stay 'friendly' while they think there is a hope that you'll change your mind though.

  • Lo

    Ha, I feel like such a n00b for not knowing how to quote here, but Jeff (I think) I really just love my phone number. The actual numbers. I know it's weird but they have personal significance for me. I love when phone numbers are interesting. That's so special of me... There's only really about 3/4 people from the Hall that would text me anyway so I'm ok in that area. I don't think I'd be able for confronting my study sister about any of the core beliefs of her faith. Just cos she's much better at speaking as if she knows a lot about certain topics and I wouldn't be able for a debate on this. I'd rather just fade away quietly. And go donate blood whenever I stop being terrified of the actual act itself. Needles freak the hell out of me!

  • SnakesInTheTower

    Welcome lo... not much to add to what has been said...lucky you didnt get dunked...

    as for your phone number...I cell # ends in 666 . When I got the number 6 years ago, I wanted one that ended in the same last 4 digits as my home...I was told "they couldnt do that" (I later found this to not be true) I asked what new numbers were they started listing the next 10 numbers...there was a huge gap before and after what became my number (Hmmm...guess people didnt want the "Devil's" phone number ... 666).... so I grabbed was a "clean" number (meaning it had never been issued before) I didnt get all the calls for people who previously had the number...

    ...that and I just thought that it was hilarious and ironic to have that number fresh with me being fresh out of MTS...LOL....

    Snakes ()


    It isn't easy....

  • ibme


    Me would like to say one thing,

    The one you are studying with will be your
    friend only to the day you say NO.

    Whether you are baptized of not.


    The WBTS only want people who will agree
    only with it. Their people are programed to
    respond in like matter.

    Once you disagree you will be shunned.

    Sound harsh, but that is the way it goes.

    Sometimes me thinkin' me talkin' too much.


  • SPAZnik

    hahaha - wearing a cross around your neck is a good one. nice and simple.

  • Quandry

    Technically you are not disassociating, since you are not baptised. They probably will not give you very much attention after you quit studying, except to shake their heads and say how sad it is because you "knew the truth so will not live through Armageddon."

    You could read alot of things pertaining to the history of the JWs. Then ask a couple of questions-maybe like why did Rutherford have a house in San Diego and two cadillacs and claim that the "ancient worthies" would be resurrected and take posession of it in 1925? Or why did Russell use a pyramid's length to calculate the date 1914? Why did he say that Christ was present in 1974? etc. Maybe get your study conductor to start thinking.

    Anyway, welcome. You got out just in time. Be glad.......

  • Lo

    Thanks for the advice everyone. I put off my study this week but next week I'm going to have to tell her straight out I'm stopping. I may do it by text, but she'll probably call over anyway.

  • penny2

    Lo, welcome to JWD!!

    Wearing a cross - she'll get the message!


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