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  • Lo

    Hi, I am 19 and from Ireland. I have been studying the bible with Jws for more than a year, and enough is enough. I want out. I simply decided I don't want to be answerable to a human organisation like that who like to think they have the answers that they simply cannot have. I don't think they're a cult, just a religion who place too much belief in their own certainty, which, in this world, isn't a good trait. While I do accept a lot of what they teach, and was living 'in harmony with their principles' before I 'got the truth', there's a lot I don't agree with. Most of all I don't like their apoloclyptic idea that the world is coming to an end tomorrow. And that unless you're baptised you simply won't be saved. Doesn't wash with me. So how do I disassociate myself without upsetting any of the 'friends' I've made, and with minimal contact with them? I'd really rather fade into anonymity. Feel free to pm me and I'll give you my email address and we can talk at length. xo

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    Welcome!!! Since you are new, I think that having the discussion here on JWD, would be more helpful than PM. This way, people who are lurking, and feel the same way you do, will benefit from the wisdom of many here. And you will be able to comment and help all of us, know how we can help you more.

  • wings

    Lo, forgive me if I missed it, but are you baptized?

  • blondie

    If I understand correctly, you are not baptized as a jw; if so, technically you don't have anything official they feel you have to do to declare you aren't part of their group. You can tell the people who "studied" with you that you are stopping your studies and will no longer be attending and that they cut contact with you (if you want that).



  • inkling
    Lo, forgive me if I missed it, but are you baptized?

    Yes, that is very important. If you are not yet baptized, your "fade" will be a whole lot easier. Only baptized witnesses must fear the passive aggressive wrath of a Judaical committee. If you play your cards right you can simply be "the one that got away" [inkling]

  • Lo

    No I'm not baptised! So I know I don't 'owe' them anything, but I still have such an over-active conscience that I'd find it very difficult to be so outrightly blatant. But I've built up quite a bond with the woman I study with and I don't know how to tell her I don't want to study anymore. I don't want her to try and stage some 'come back the the light' type conversation...

  • Lo

    Oh and also hi everyone!! This is a VERY useful board I stumbled across. A lot of varying degrees of opinion, which is good.

  • oompa

    Welcome lo, glad you found this place...I know I was. In your postion, honesty is the very best policy....indeed the only one. You may have a bond with your study sister, but what you say may have a positive effect on her and others. You really have very little to lose compared to may here raised in the truth for 40 or more years and with ALL family and friends in..........DO IT....Move on and good luck...........oompa

  • Hope4Others

    You've already got it made, your not baptised!



  • Poztate
    But I've built up quite a bond with the woman I study with and I don't know how to tell her I don't want to study anymore.

    Just tell her that you found some information on the INTERNET about Jehovah's Witnesses and their beliefs that you found interesting and wished to share with her.

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