On the sound use of mental suicide.

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  • jwfacts
    I don't believe it proves anything "mystical" or "transcendent".

    Thank you for reciting your experience. Whether or not it proves transcendence is the question that I just cannot find an answer for, and I am grateful (though not glad) for you adding this comment. The "meeting of the minds" that you had sounds very similar to a story I heard from a friend using LSD. Acid trips are often used by people attempting to reach higher levels of conscious (such as, I think, the original lead signer of Pink Floyd) These levels of conscious are also similar to what has been described by people with Schizophrenia. In some cultures mental illness has been seen not as a illness, but as being a higher level of spirituality. It will be interesting to know if we can ever find "proof" that there is a mystical level, or if it is simply the result of a cocktail of mental chemicals.

    we lack a common positive conventional vocabulary and/or imaginary reference system -- e.g., "I identified to consciousness itself" or "I was born again" -- to make sense of it.

    A very enlightened comment. Regarding the term 'born again', I wonder how experiences compare between cultures. On the one hand, those born again within a Pentecostal Church may not be experiencing the same effect. On the other hand, maybe their experience is similar and it also may be similar to completely unrelated cultures, such as African voodoo trances. I doubt when a JW becomes born again though, that they have quite the same depth of experience.

  • doofdaddy

    This is the great debate JWF

    Is the mystical state just a form of madness and more importantly, does it improve our day to day life experience?

    I have experimented with LSD and DMT and have come to the conclusion that they are toys. They are amusing for the ego as far as recalling the experience to others. Sometimes terrifying, sometimes meaningful but are of themselves not the key to any "enlightenment".

    I look at people like Tolle and wonder, would he be a loving and attentive husband and father? What practical benefit to humanity are his vague, far off stares and distant giggles at something he finds terribly amusing. His message is simple.

    Stay in the present.

    Well, I guess he is at least making millions for himself out of it!

  • JoyNichols

    I am:



    this moment

  • JoyNichols

    And yet, those were mere words, no longer part of that moment.

    Yet . . . I am.

  • JoyNichols

    Magisches theater

    Nicht für jedermann

    Nur für verrückte

    Can I freely translate this as 'only for the mentally ill, not for the mentally healthy'?

  • JoyNichols
    I didn't have to live through that, I didn't have to stay captive in that meaningless "life" of mine. There was a hidden exit door at the bottom of despair. I could get out and just watch what would happen to my "character" the next minute. I felt instantly relieved: a sense of absurd lightness and joy succeeded to the anxiety. And, unlike many other strange thoughts I may have had before, it stuck. I had just committed my own irreversible "mental suicide".

    This reminds me of a phrase: "the unbearable lightness of being."

  • JoyNichols
    or if it is simply the result of a cocktail of mental chemicals

    Isn't everything in the galaxy a cocktail of chemicals and compounds?

    He is just another "guru" who will fade in time and his mantle will be taken up by another ear tickler (with followers still searching for truth without seeing the secret of personal responsibility)


  • R.Crusoe

    Quietly Leaving your own body is difficult to put into practise!

    I agree that Tolle has some quite brilliant perspectives to offer humans of themsleves!

    £$ seems to follow as his burdenopposing sincerity - anything not freely given is not of natural origins!

    BUT = much of his work is freely available so it is unecessary to fund your own liberation = it can be free = that is what his message is!

    How to live in a world of ego without an ego is less of him and more of you!

  • quietlyleaving

    R Crusoe

    I agree with you.

    You come across to me as being very poetic. Do you write poetry? It seems to me that many of the really creative people who've gifted us with so much had difficulites with conventions of everyday life but which conversely sparked their immagination and creativity.

  • R.Crusoe

    Silent Parter ( careful how quickly you say that - lol )

    I do not write poetry!

    But I have written lots of it in the moment - usually online - so a contradiction!

    I see society as Tolle does and am amazed I only learned of him in the past two weeks!

    Maybe if I had earlier I could have lost the pain of much inner conflict which gave rise to some of what I have written - both poetic and otherwise!

    But no matter for it is what I am as we each are!

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