On the sound use of mental suicide.

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  • Rapunzel

    Narkissos: I certainly don't want to seem pedantic, but English does indeed have an indefinite pronoun - the approximate equivalent of the German Man or the French on. In English, one can use the indefinite pronoun one. The problem is that one may well appear a little pretentious if one uses the indefinite pronoun one since this particular pronoun is now somewhat archaic. It is indeed a pity that one can no longer use the pronoun one without being accused of using speech which is considered...what is the French term?...recherche [Sorry! I know that there should be an accent aigu on the last "e," but my laptop isn't set up to input accents]

    All joking aside, English does have the indefinite pronoun, one, although its usage in contemporary English is now somewhat rare. Having been a tanslator, you are without a doubt aware that, in English, it is preferable to render the German Man or the French on into the passive voice. For example, on ne fait pas cela becomes "that is not done." But I agree that it is a pity that the indefinite pronoun one is no longer commonly used in contemporary English. It can be said [on peut dire] that English is lacking due to, and all the worse for, this fact.

  • Narkissos

    Thanks TallPenguin!

    Thank you too Rapunzel. I'm generally aware of the indefinite use of "one" -- being French, I probably use it more than current English usage would find decent -- but strangely I didn't think of it when I wrote that post...

  • zensim


    I feel that every social context ... there is a tiny window of helpful and genuine communication between the meaninglessness of "expected speech" ... and the meaninglessness of obscure gibberish ... . I feel we've got to take advantage of such "windows" when we happen to find one -- and don't worry too much about the silence or misundestanding in between

    I am intent on creating this with each person I meet and I believe it is only by being silent we can take advantage of such 'windows'. This is why I feel it is important to understand communication which happens on other levels.

    To enable me to create an opportunity for that window I pause, open my being, and create an embrace - and this is a very conscious action(although that conscious awareness shifts and grows). In being open to all, even that which I find it hard to tolerate, I don't need to believe it or even tolerate it, but I do need to be willing to know it.

    That 'tiny window' is a vast window sometimes, especially when you have two people with the same intent. I love how you fill in all the gaps for me. You describe everything in such a unique way it feels like I am floating on a cloud of words that are supportive and fascinating at the same time.

    To me it all starts with the simple act of intent.

    Lately I have found so many people saying 'thank you' to me because I have somehow clarified something for them, or said 'just the right thing' and yet I feel like I have said or done nothing special (or different to what I have always done/said). However, something has shifted inside me and I know now that me just opening allows the truth of the moment to be revealed. It is their truth, not mine - and I feel so honoured that they have let me witness it, so when they say 'thank you' to me - I cannot conceive of how I even did anything except be present?

    I cannot claim clarity, yet I can be clarity. At this point, it will always go beyond words because it is experiential. And so the 'window of helpful and genuine communication' ceases to exist as it has just be blown wide open!

  • winnower

    The Oneness Movement (OM) is very much like the bOrg. Right down to the elder princes. Many "teachers" imply that they have higher consciousness that you can never attain. More arrogance, pride, and lies. It is all a trap for the ignorant.

    Again, it is authoratitive in nature and lends itself well to those who have been indoctrinated in a totalitarian society (like WBTS). You follow without thinking and grant your unconditional support.

    It is an illusion to think that this form of meditation can enlighten the whole world, end world hunger, and eliminate all political conflict. Yet, these are the bold promises they make.

    Hopefully, you will all have learned from your mistakes being sucked into WBTS and will be able to recognize the manipulations, exaggerations, more class distinctions, and the outright lies. Hopefully, you will have educated yourself to know that repetition and ritual can be powerful catalysts for changes in consciousness and brain wave patterns.

    The oneness movement is dangerous in all its forms. It's WBTS all over again....just with an "Eastern" flavor.

  • winnower

    Zensim says:

    I cannot claim clarity, yet I can be clarity.

    I say:

    Babble-on, babble-on, babyl-on.

  • nvrgnbk

    Do "members" of the so-called Oneness Movement shun those that read about it and then question some of it?

    Do they judge those that fail to live up to whatever it is they are promoting?

    It seem to be about an effort to quiet all the negative programming we've received.

    What's the harm in that?

  • frankiespeakin


    Nice discussion, "mental suicide" good theme.

    I have experienced a lot of what appears to be a disolution of ego (for lack of a better term). As you say these experiences are impossible to discribe with words, feelings, intuitions of what they may mean. My experiences started with psychoatives, used with a desire to break out of the JW programming and live my life free from all the bull shit stuffed in my subconscious from 29 years of indoctrination. So far so good.

    Ego disolution along with it's deprogramming effects had left me disoreinted for a while as everything,, every choice is up for grabs where as in the more programmed state the choices were very few due to repitition and automatic responses, which leads to rather drastic changes in lifestyle, and reactions to various situations. There were times where the release of repressed trama brought about exileration or futher termoil (I think this is what Jung called the shadow that one must thru to get to the Self).

    These days I feel it was well worth it, I seem to be much happier, and still do my inner explorations for what ever insights and consciousness raising benifits will come my way.

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