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  • still_in74

    Really nice post. I feel like this could be me in 25 years seeing all the friends I have now that I know will abandon me when/if I ever get out.

    They all look absolutely horrible! They look years older than they are. They have all let themselves go physically. They are in a state of physical disrepair that only comes to people who have given up on life. Honestly, they are fat, dumpy, haggard and bizarre looking. And I'm even trying to be nice!!

    So true....... JW's typically really let themselves go and pass it off as not being "vain". They are so focused on the "truth" they dont have time to take care of themselves, or at least thats what they tell people - but they know why.
    So much for their body being a temple. Well I guess if they dont smoke they can drink a case of beer a week and eat burgers every night. After all, they probably dont earn enough to buy healthy food, they have to eat hamburger helper every night.

    I know 20 year old couples that got married at 19 and have both gained 30-50 lbs easy. One "brother" i know personally gained an easy 100+ lbs with 3 years of getting married. And he is now only around 26 years old and HUGE!

    Sad really..... Good on ya Terry!

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog


    Thanks for sharing that!

    This proves to me the sickness of the religion and it is a black and white proof, indeed!

    Not church is sick like the JWs. Some really care about people.

  • hubert

    I know 20 year old couples that got married at 19 and have both gained 30-50 lbs easy. One "brother" i know personally gained an easy 100+ lbs with 3 years of getting married. And he is now only around 26 years old and HUGE!

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    With a steady diet of Macdonald's Hamburgers and a few Dunkin' Donuts, you'll be on the right track to join the "Heavy's" crowd.

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  • Terry


    The way I see it, you did this to yourself. You have no one to blame about your decisions but yourself. I know you have your own opinions about your desitions you live by, but when you feel the feelings you feel around the people you used to live and play and converse with, only you have to blame for the decisions you made. You are the decisions you made for yourself.


    What you mean is..

    I have only myself to THANK!

    I felt sorry for my old companions when I see that their lives have been reduced to clinging to an illusion.

    Were it not for being disfellowshipped I would have remained faded--but--I never would have experienced the shock of having to face the religion as a bludgeon and a weapon. This is what forced me to confront the essentials.

    I thank myself I had faded enough to warrant being called in to the committee meeting and the courage and confidence to go when I didn't even have to go.

    The fact I was disfellowshipped without the brothers evening mentioning it was being considered is what surprised me.

    I would never trade places with the JW's my age who have sat in those endless, boring, repetitve, mind-numbing indoctrinations for 30 years! By no means.

    I was happy to see them because it made clear to me what fate I have avoided.

    You see now?

  • JAVA


    THANK YOU for one of the best personal-experience threads that I've read for a very long time! I attended a JW funeral a few months ago, and you touched on so many of the feeling I felt. Thank you again.


  • Quentin

    My earlier post of today was done in hast, as I was at work.

    Yesterdays service was a trip back in time. Even though it was done in the funeral home and not the kh. To me it was almost like attending a circuit assembly. That was the atmosphere, since at least 80% of those there were jws. The buzz around the room was uncanny. The House on Pooh Corner ran through my head, eerie.

    I sat on the back row. Terry, didn't mention this, he sat with the family. I don't think he expected that. It put him in the epicenter of the whole jw family thing. An uncomfortable place to be I would think. But, that would be for Terry to elaborate.

    What he had to say, and his assessment of the whole event, was spot on. We were welcomed with open arms. Lots of back slapping, handshaking and hugs. You would have thought we had rose from the dead. It was exciting and sad. Exciting to see old friends, sad to see what they had become. They were a shell of their former self's. Stoop shouldered, washed out. Tired, not of life itself, but the life of a jw and it showed.

    Not much more to add, Terry said it all and said it well. Many of you have gone through an experence like this and many of you have yet to do so. Be glad you are who you are, not what you could have been.

  • BabaYaga

    Terry, this was great and poignant to read. Yes, I understand completely, I still love all of mine that I left, too. Yes. They are humans.

    Sorry this was on the occasion of losing your friend/ex-Mom-in-Law, but glad you and your kids have each other and can still communicate with the families.


  • WTWizard

    It seems that people that live the witless lifestyle get old before their time. Even if they escape physical deterioration, they act intolerant of younger attitudes and hence become old fogeys long before they even get old.

    Mentally, it is even worse. I have left only a few years ago. But, even in the time between the late 1980s and the mid 2000s, I have noticed them getting more dumbed down and ridiculous. At least the counsel they gave in the 1980s made some sense, even if it was totally impractical. But, imagine getting counsel to use a single fact (setting a lawn mower blade at 3" for a healthier lawn) to help them with their children in lieu of ever having any myself. That "counsel" makes absolutely no sense--whether or not it is something that could be followed without too much sacrifice. And they are getting more and more dumbed down.

    As for the sales pitch, that happens at every funeral. They use each occasion to build the cancer, no matter what it takes from those who are living (or dead). Come see how disjointed we are. Look at us acting like old fogeys in our mid 20s, and even younger. Look at us in our 40s, or even 30s, looking like old maids. Isn't that something you would want to be like? I don't think so.

  • moomanchu

    Thanks for sharing.

    Of course you know what their conversation was after they talked to you.

    Well, you know, this might be the very thing that turns him back to Jehovah blah blah blah.........

  • justhuman

    I agree Terry of what you said...There is 2 years that I'm disfellowshiped, separated with my wife, and left the 2 small kids with her, and I know what is the feeling.

    I agree they are only humans and have feelings like the rest. It is just the cult mentality that keeps them traped. I went to the "memorial" this year and one friend of mine and "elder" he welcome me and give a hug...he was the only one who spoke to me....

    It is a shame how does the WT ruins peoples lifes and relations

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