I dont know what to do

by Ex-smoker 18 Replies latest jw friends

  • Quirky1

    Welcome Ex-smoker.

    I agree with many others posted here..."Do Not get Baptised". This will create many more problems in the future especially if you doubt the WTBS as you state you do.


  • MissingLink

    1) Get baptized

    2) Come clean about one of your "issues"

    3) Get Disfellowshipped

    4) Get kicked out of your parents house.

    Is this moving in the right direction for you?

  • Velvetann

    Welcome Exsmoker

    You have come to the right place to help sort out your thoughts. So Many here have been through exactly what you are going through.

    its obvious you are torn and want your families love and support but that comes with a price.

    I got baptized at 15 just because my Dad and Mom guilted me into it. I didn't want to do it and I even had plans then of leaving as I hated the whole religion thing.

    If I hadn't gotten baptized then I wouldn't have been disfellowshipped at 18 when I decided I wanted to leave and I would not have been shunned.

    Like most of the others have said, DON'T GET BAPTIZED. We speak from experience.

    Keep in touch Please.

    HELP from other posters needed. For some reason there is a problem here with writing posts. It goes in a long sentence and doesn't stop and go to the next line.

    Anyone else having this problem. I have to keep skipping to the next line and it leaves a space.

  • momzcrazy

    Welcome, and don't get baptized.


  • bluesbreaker59

    Welcome and DO NOT get baptized

  • llbh

    Do not get baptised unless you are certain it is the truth and it was you want to do. Do not do it for other people

    BTW Welcome here you will find alot of helpful and kind people


  • yknot

    Whoa ........

    Slow down, breathe and take the next year or two one day at a time.

    Do not get baptized.

    Enroll in college take your basics, figure out what career path you want to pursue.

    Seek out mental health at the college you enroll, they can hook you up with the right support groups.

    Best Wishes

  • IcingHeart

    Ex-Smoker, these members speak from their own experience, and you would do well to listen to them.

    Welcome to the boards.

  • crazyblondeb

    First, welcome!!

    Kudos to you for your sobriety. It's hard to do these days. Are there any sober living places, or Oxford Houses around you?

    They are a good place to start, especially if u cannot afford to be out on your own.

    PM me if u need help finding something like that. If u go to 12 step meetings, talk to them, too.


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