The Death Penalty? What do you think?

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  • John Doe
    John Doe
    John Doe, I can't help but look at it like a mother. If someone hurt one of my babies,..................

    Which is exactly why we don't have victims sitting on the bench and we don't advocate lynch mobs. Justice should be equal, impartial, and reasoned. The sheer number of convictions overturned by DNA evidence should make us pause and question the absolute certainty required for death penalty justification.

  • frankiespeakin
    The Death Penalty? What do you think?

    State sanctioned murder is a better term if you ask me. This is unacceptible IMO. Even for mass murderers like Bush, Cheney, & Rumfeld,, life in prison seems to be the better option.(personally I would like to see them hang when I watch videos of the deaths they have caused in Iraq but deep down i know this will solve nothing were as life in prison or taking away secret service protection and just let them become unprotected targets, without spending anymore of the tax payers money to protect thier sorry asses).

    As far as putting to death child molestors, I say get a grip on reality, while the crime is serious,, the death penalty is extreme. I often feel those in favor of the death penalty for such crimes against our children make the matter much worse for our children in many ways, and are merely expressing an archaic notion of vengence and retribution that is very primative, and belongs back in the dark ages.Thier are much better ways to handle this problem than letting heads roll.

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