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  • Aleman

    I'm sure you all heard what happened in Texas, I believe these are signs of the coming of the Kingdom of God. State investigators say they have discovered a bedinside thelygamist compound temple that was reserved for husbands -- often middle-aged men -- to have sex for the first time with their underage 'wives. This is supposed to be a place for worship not sexual acts. How sick! What are your oppinion of this news?

    - Aleman

  • sammielee24
    I believe these are signs of the coming of the Kingdom of God

    I don't.

    For the record though, these are all allegations so far as nobody has been charged. There was a plant inside the compound working with cops for 4 years and mysteriously, a phone call was made in regards to the Arizona compound the same time.sammieswife.

  • momzcrazy

    I lived around polygamists my whole childhood. My family has several way down the line. I knew the Mormon Temple has a secret room for secret rituals to do with weddings. You have to be baptized a Mormon to attend a wedding in the Temple.

    The FDLS are just a cover up for sexual abuse. It is horrendous what those girls are going thru and what they consider normal.


  • dinah

    One of the girls was said to be 16 years old and pregnant with her fourth child. Good Gawd!! She's been pregnant since she got her period.

  • momzcrazy

    I went to middle school with a son of a polygamist, Greene was his last name. He had a new "mom" younger than us!


  • tnangel73

    I've never understood the argument that I have seen polygmists use on tv that when a girl gets her period that she is old enough to get married and start spewing forth babies. Yeah, 200 or 300 years ago people got married when they were teenagers commonly, but the average life expectancy was just in your 40s. That's just one religion that blows my mind. Besides the Witnesses. And yes, I do know that not all Mormons believe in polygamy.

    Oprah had a show about polygamy not too long ago. Not anything about underage girls being married, but there were these completely normal looking women who were married to the same man. Some were even biological sisters. That was a really perverse thought to me about how any sisters would want to be married to the same man. Ugh.

  • Hope4Others

    What goes on in the name of religion really makes me ill anymore.


  • avishai

    No sicker than the JW's letting pedophiles roam free in their cong.s and not warning parents. Actually, it's less sick, w/ the FLDS, at least you KNOW what your getting into.

  • Aleman

    And that makes it better, How avishai?


  • potentialJWconvertswife

    I've been following this story, actually since it became a story. It was all over the news when the sect bought the land out West and started building. I knew it would only be a matter of time before some kind of ordeal happened out there. And I was wondering why the sect was trying so hard to keep investigators out of their "temple". That is so disgusting (a bed in a place of worship for the rape of young virgins!) I can't even begin to explain how grossed out I am right now. Yeah, when you see "big love" (I've only seen like an episode) the whole polygamy thing is still weird, but it doesn't seem so bad. This sect has been known for it's pairing of under aged girls with nasty old men for some time now. The latest is that they have now separated the mothers from their kids. The moms were giving false names and passing the kids around between the lot of them so that CPS could never figure out whose kids were whose. They separated 'em because the mothers were coaching the kids on what to say and what not to. They are trying to get straight answers out of the kids on the abuse questions. The state of Texas may end up adopting out all 416 kids to foster homes. -Potential

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