Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

by Aleman 24 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    God blessed Texas with his own hand

    Rocked the damn angels from the promised land

    I'm glad Texas took them. At least Texas wasn't SCARED of what mighta, coulda, woulda, been said. They just TOOK EM. Saved those kids. Yes, we fucked up on the branch davidians, but at least OUR state is brave enough to take the kids and get to the bottom of it; which is the LOSS of UTAH and ARIZONA who refused to do ANYTHING to save these kids. Texas was waiting to jump on it. Texans care about kids; and we care that kids are not CHILD RAPED. We care about the rights of children. Thank God for Texas...


  • avishai

    Aleman, it really does'nt. I was being facetious. It's just as bad.

  • Exterminator
    I believe these are signs of the coming of the Kingdom of God

    I just see one more sign of how sick American religion is

  • kwr

    Waco was a Federal Government screw up/operation.

  • Aleman

    Truth be said today, I know there are wakkos out there in every sect, religion, or political party, many of which are silent about their distorted ideas of what turns them on as they mix themselves with the rest of the normal people. But to actually be united in a perverted group in the name of religion so as to marry their young, almost teenage children to older men is just perpostrous. There is somthing wrong with this picture when the religion is doing it behind closed doors. And still, there are many other places around the world that do the same thing of uniting together in the name of religion, not to change the persons point of veiw, but to go with the perverted ideas and violate the inosence of our future the children.


  • wings

    Just ONE of the things I found creepy about this story as I am following it was the interviews the wives (mothers) gave on TV in groups of three. They were so momophonic, weak, fragile, was creepy.

  • VM44

    Stepford Wives!

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I think Jesus mentioned in Matthew, or was it Luke, that there would be "wars and rumors of wars and multiple wives in one place after another. These things are a sign of distress, but the end is not yet." Read your Bible people. W.Once

  • inrainbows

    How can you say 'what a bunch of religous crazies' AND 'it proves the world's gonna end just like it says in the Bibble' without realising by doing so you are just aligning yourself with ANOTHER bunch of religious crazies?

    How many predictions about the end of the world have there been? LOTS.

    How many have come true? Zero.

    What is lots divided by zero?

    Zero! That is the statistical chance of a prophecy about the end of the world coming true.

    And YES, it does say 'yeah, they'll say we've always been doing this stuff and then the end will come upon them'...

    ... but isn't that an OBVIOUS thing for any intelligent prophet to say? An intelligent prophoet would know the world has not ended despite previous porphecies, so he's gonna account for lack of belief of prophecy in his prophecy.

    Nasty things happening because of religion is nothing new. To say it is to display the level of historical knowledge held by the person saying it.

    People MAKE religions, and because of the religons, or without that as an excuse, sometimes do nasty things.

    Remove from your mind any idea that god, whatever it is, and religion have ANYTHING to do with each other, and there is no contradiction.

    As no religion has ever proved it has anything to do with any form of god, this is a reasonable supposition.

  • VM44

    I say...Let's Ban ALL religion, and I'm not even an element of the United Nations!


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