I'm not gonna put too much personal stuff, because I'm afraid someone I don't want to know who I am could find this profile. Like the JW's my husband is studying with. Suffice it to say I'm in my early 40's, been married 20 years, one son who is grown. I grew up attending many different churches, but the core beliefs were always the same: Jesus died on a CROSS. The faithful are invited to join him in HEAVEN. Sinners go to HELL. I've never heard of paradise on earth, or the system of things. The Holy Trinity are one and the same, but separate. JUDGE NOT lest ye be judged (God will pass judgement on his followers, not elders or any other church official). I have a strong belief system, and while I don't attend church (at all really) I do watch Joel Osteen Sunday mornings, and I live my life by a Christian code. I don't believe that just because some folks don't have the same beliefs that they are dammed for eternity. If they have accepted Jesus Christ as their savior then they will share in the heavenly reward. I am gearing up for a massive fight for the heart, mind and soul of the man I have loved and been faithful to for twenty years. I intend to set him back on the right path and expose the witnesses to him as the cult-like organization they are.