Anyone else ever do this

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  • JoyNichols

    I never realized that Witnesses did such things until I came here. It's good to know this stuff. I've heard about a lot of this kind of thing on this site. It reminds me of Jerry Lewis' movie where he's trying to look busy, and wears himself out pretending to do stuff at work.

  • Eyes Open
    Eyes Open

    I didn't. I wasn't interested in getting privileges so if I hadn't prepared my books were unmarked.

    What I did do (when I did prepare) was to see how straight I could make my underlining without the use of a ruler. It became a little game that I would play with myself, and I suppose it eased the boredom. I experimented with ways of holding the pen and drawing speeds, and if I were to end up with a wavy line I'd be disappointed and try again so that I ended up with a thick line which meant that I had to make the other lines in that paragraph the same thickness...

    Christ. I'm glad to be out.

  • LouBelle
    Yup, although towards the end I went hardcore-zealous in studying and looking up every single scripture, filling the margins with notes, etc.

    Problem is it backfired and caused me to lose my faith when it made me realize that it was all a bunch of bloody (literally) fairy tales.


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