Were You Skeptical of "the Annointed Ones" in Your Congregation?

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  • Casper

    In all of my 13 years in, we never had anyone partake at the memorial. I hated that, since I wanted to get to know someone that had the "Heavenly Hope"...just to see what made them tick...

  • mind my own
    mind my own

    I went a stayed with a friend for a couple of months in Grande Prairie years ago, and in that hall there was a brother who claimed to be of the annointed. I really liked him, I thought he was a great person but there was something really off about him. Even then, I knew there was no way he could be.

    I haven't heard anything about him for the past 13 or 14 years, but I'm willing to bet he is no longer even a witness. I mean, I was not a skeptical person about the annointed at this time in my life, but my gut just told me there was something off about him and I didn't believe he was (he didn't hand out used notepads or kleenex boxes or anything though ) I would love to find out what ever happened to him.


  • The Last Nephilim
    The Last Nephilim

    My ex's uncle claims to be of the anointed, but as fukt up as her family is, I always doubted. Now I know another anointed fellow. My doubts about him (and subsequently all of them) came when his well- to- do MS grandson gave a talk about avoiding spiritism in the media, movies, books, etc... I have to say, at the time I was inspired to get rid of my Star Wars movies (blasphemy, I know)! Later the SAME DAY I was at their house commending the grandson on his talk, and the anointed grandfather came over and asked me if I could stay and watch Lord of the Rings with them!!! He pulls out ALL 3 movies (the extended versions, I might add) and tells me it's going to be a marathon, I should stay! WTF?! I kept thinking, "OK- a young man wanting to go to Bethel would be denied if he admitted to watching such a movie, yet this guy could actually be asked to serve on the GB?" I knew then that something was fishy with the whole anointed thing...

  • 5go

    I am skeptical of anyone partaking period anywhere. You can't tell me pedophile priest were called by an all knowing, all seeing, god. No matter what denomination they belong too.

    It takes someone with a highly inflated self opinion to think they were chosen by a god to do something even if it is nothing. BTW that is a self indictment of my past as a christian.

  • betterdaze

    I am firmly convinced most of the "annointed" claim to be, so that they will be taken care of in their old age and can get away with piss,
    shit, corruption and all sorts of bizarro mental behaviors the rest of us never could.

    It's an emotional illness with narcissistic traits much of the time, the rest of the time it is purposeful, malevolent, spiritual manipulation.

    Hey, I'm annointed! I just "know" it! So don't mess with me. Kiss my ass as a Co-Ruler with Christ or DIE. And get your freakin' paws
    off my matzoh and vino, you of the unwashed Great Crowd!

    See how it works? Very effective!

    The "annointed" ones I knew growing up were just as old, senile and smelly as regular old, senile, smelly people. And they were no
    more spiritual, either! They learned the con game in Rutherford's era, gave up family, and had nothing left outside the organization to
    live for. Thus, they became "annointed." It afforded them a certain level of protection that they lost when they alienated their own flesh.

    Typically, they were forced to leave their entire estates to the Society as part of the protection racket, and their "worldly" kids got nada.


  • Eyes Open
    Eyes Open

    Yep; I, and others, were skeptical about the one in our congregation. But it didn't bother me. If she was, she was, and if she wasn't it didn't make any difference to me as they don't have any authority in the congregation anyway - just a measure of prestige. She was a little strange.

  • betteroffdead

    oh yeah! the one I'm thinking of was odd because I found she claimed that sometime after she died. she rarely came to a meeting that I remember and always smelled something awful of cigarette smoke so when her more than a little out there daughter told me this I instantly became a skeptic.

  • WTWizard

    I have been to around 18 of those Black Sabbaths, and never once has anyone partook. It struck me as a waste of time to have the crackers and spoiled grape juice go around the auditorium and end up back without anything taken.

  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    Lat hall I was in we had one anointed brother, not and elder or an MS, not even honored with mic duties.

    he was in his mid fifties and wanted a teen bride. We had an 18 year old pioneer sister that he kept harassing, She would lock herself in her car to get away from him and he would be knocking on the window asking her to marry him.

    he stopped harassing her when she got older. But by then we had another younger teen pioneer for him to pursue

    I've also learned recently that my stepfather is of the annointed. He is a lazy slob that could never hold a job, he's a lier and a child molester, one of the worst pieces of crap I have ever had the displeasure to meet. I could go on and on about him.

  • Seeker4

    Knew a bunch of the anointed, and was skeptical of most of them:

    I knew several of the old time anointed, people who had been around and knew Russell! DeGrofs from Granville, NY congregation, Bro. Thompson from Rutland, VT.

    Then there were the many, many "young" anointed, the ones who decided they were anointed some 40 or 60 years after the group was supposedly completed:

    May (Mallette) Ely in the Bellows Falls, VT, and NY state congregations: a background of severe abuse. She was one that a COs wife noted as part of a lot of women who hit menopause and suddenly became anointed ones back in the 1980s!

    Joel Friedman, an elder in the Bennington, VT congregation and last I heard a CO. Hot shot younger elder, up and coming and a company man at the time. Acted very humble, but I agree with the comment above that there is a highly inflated sense of self-importance going on in someone deciding that god has suddenly picked them out of the 6 billion to rule with him.

    An elder in Massachusetts, who was also some sort of alternative medicine guy. Was odd, and eventually began to also feel that he had some sort of healing power in himself when he touched people. He got into a feud with another elder that got so bad they were both removed. Might have been in the Orange congregation.

    A brother in Orange, MA, I think. He had a genius IQ, but couldn't function well enough in the real world to hold a job. Lived with his Mom, though he was middle aged.

    Bob Matwijcow - was in several congregations in Vermont and in NY. Was an elder, but often knocked heads with other brothers, which was why he often went from congregation to congregation. Really took his anointing seriously, and expected everyone else to as well. He'd write the Society, and rightly so, as all of the anointed are supposed to be part of the F&DS. Yeah, sure!! Don't think it ever did much good. At one point he was disfellowshipped for immorality with his step-daughter. Reinstated and still an anointed JW the last I heard.

    There are more....


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