Sleeping your life away?

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  • sweetface2233

    "Life is too short", "carpe diem", "Eat, drink, and be merry...", "Never put off till tomorrow..." We have all heard these phrases, taken them to heart, and burned ourselves out on the stress from them. I say...screw that shite! The only thing keeping me from jumping out the window of my 6th story apt or driving my car into the back of one of the Metro buses on the beltway is knowing that, if one of those actions do take place, I won't be able to nap that afternoon. Naps have become a daily occurance for me and I find myself looking forward to them at around 10:30am.

    I experienced the most delightful nap over the weekend. My windows were open letting a cool breeze into the room, the ceiling fan was running, my blanket was freshly washed and smelled of white lillys (tide), and it was, surprisingly, quite quiet in the neighborhood for a weekend afternoon. There have been few experiences in my life that I wished to capture in time and revisit, and let me tell you, that nap is in the top 5!

    Should I be concerned that I am the happiest when I am unconscious? Who cares? I am using it as a stress reliever, am not hurting myself or anyone else, and am able to stay out of trouble. I could be doing a lot worse.

    Here's to everyone getting a delicious nap, today, tomorrow, or some other time the future!

  • DJK
    Naps have become a daily occurance for me and I find myself looking forward to them at around 10:30am.

    Yah I hear you on that. I'm twenty minutes late for mine. See ya!!!

  • momzcrazy

    The most precious time is when my son was an infant and his sisters were in school. I had him to myself, my daughters are 3 yrs apart so there was always a child who needed something when they were young. And I worked when my oldest was little.

    I would nurse my son and he would fall asleep. I would slide him to Daddy's side of the bed and fall asleep to the sound of him breathing. Precious memories now that he is going on 3 and busier than a one armed paper hanger!

    I miss naps!


  • chickpea

    i am all about the power nap! and i love it when it extends into over-time!!!

    i do not apologize for the amount of sleep i need.... it is what keeps me productive during waking hours

    crikey! i BRAG about getting a gold star on my kindergarten report card for " naps well"

    chickpea (of the gold star nap class)

  • ex-nj-jw

    I love naps! There should be mandatory nap time in the workplace just like Kindergarten.

    Here's to naps, sweetface!


  • Layla33

    There is NOTHING like a good sleep, and I think naps are extremely important. Americans do not get enough sleep and it is tied to a myriad of health problems.

    One of my favorite times of the day is laying into bed and having a restful slumber. I love to dream. It's a beautiful thing.

  • R.Crusoe

    Naps have become an addiction to put of reality which I've found confrontational and stressfull but mainly draining and confusing and unhappy!

    I can lie and switch to sleep mode and all biological requirements save peeing will not upset my rhythms! And no I am not relaxed right there - so I hate the bathroom disturbance!

    But yeah - sleep is an escapism but not recommended unless you are just existing - in which case it is one way of passing and putting off all the garbage you have no idea how to move till who knows when!

    I'd like alternatives but can't pretend I had them! One time I would be up and on with stuff 7 days a week like some factory engine but I think my big end bearings went! lol

    The sleep you speak of soundsslightly more euphoric and I must admit I aint been there for many years - long story - mine is more like a diving bell into the deep ocean and seeing bioluminant life forms!

  • lonelysheep

    I slept a lot yesterday, in between watching movies. It feels great to pass time in a peaceful manner.

  • Outaservice

    The other night, I couldn't sleep, couldn't sleep, couldn't sleep. So, I finally got up and took a sleeping pill, went right to sleep, and then.............dream't I was awake!

    (keep life simple)

  • Hope4Others
    ex-nj- jw- I love naps! There should be mandatory nap time in the workplace just like Kindergarten

    Sounds like a great idea, even just a 10 minute doze gives a good little pick-up me up.


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