Sleeping your life away?

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  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    I'd have to agree with the idea of taking a mid-day nap is a very good for your health and mind

    I try and take one as soon as I come home for a day at work, about 20 minutes or so is perfect and makes the evening that more enjoyable

  • R.F.
    Should I be concerned that I am the happiest when I am unconscious? Who cares? I am using it as a stress reliever, am not hurting myself or anyone else, and am able to stay out of trouble. I could be doing a lot worse.

    I feel you there. It's amazing how some things don't seem to be so troublesome to me after a good nap.

    to naps.

  • Princess Daisy Boo
    Princess Daisy Boo

    You know it's bad when you wake up and as you crawl out of bed, you tell yourself that it is ok... you can go back to bed again tonight.

    Where I live, we tend to have mild winters, and while the temperature is lowish, the skies are often still blue and the sun is bright. I get the afternoon sun in my bedroom. In summer it is unbearably hot, but.... one of my most fav. things is to have a nap on a winter afternoon - lie on the bed, with the winter sun streaming in the window to warm my soul!

  • LouBelle

    Sleeping is wonderful and I make sure I get enough of it. Most nights I get my full 8 hours even over weekends ( If I go to bed later I wake up later)

    When I had extreme back ache from a pinched nerve I couldn't sleep - if I got an hour a night that was a lot, by the 10th day I had a headache from hell, it was sore and thumping like a million elephants dancing on my brain, I sat in the bath and cried because I didn't know what to do - I had very bad thoughts like taking 10 myprodols just to get sleep, I phoned my mum and she was an absolute star, I love that woman more every day!!.

    Anyway THAT is how important sleep it. It's rests your body/mind. It allows the days stress to ease out and for your body/mind/senses to heal.

    I don't nap much unless I need it - then I lie on my bed, smack bang in the middle and spread out like a star fish

  • Jim_TX

    Without reading all of the other responses to this...

    I have found that I can take a quick 'power nap' - and be able to go for another 8 hours.

    I developed the technique through the years... starting with a longish 45-minute nap after I got home from work (years ago).

    I then started shortening it - till I got it down to about 20 - 25 minutes - when I worked at a company, and would go to lunch - then shut my eyes for a few minutes. I got to where I could get to 'dream sleep'. I would wake up with a start - thinking I had overslept - only to look at the clock and see that I had been asleep for about 15 to 20 minutes. I would be very refreshed.

    So - today - I can get home from work - dragging - and sit in my recliner - and 20 minutes later - after a power nap - feel refreshed and ready to go for the rest of the day.

    Yuppers... naps are a good thing.


    Jim TX

  • Princess Daisy Boo
    Princess Daisy Boo

    I wrote this a little while ago - just to illustrate how passionate I am about sleeping!!!

    It is so hard to leave your comforting embrace… so very difficult to believe that I have to let you go. Such energy and willpower on my part to just get up and go but depart I must, for too much of you is a bad thing. Too much time with you and the world will come looking for me and they will force me to join them.

    Your warmth is fading fast and yet your allure is still there. Even when you are cold and closed, I feel the need to return to you. The return is what keeps me going through the long hard day. The knowledge that when I am with you, nothing else matters, time becomes abstract and worries dissipate into the atmosphere. Even though you don’t really care who you entice into your clutches, I know that you will always be mine, and only mine – I chose you and I have looked after you and only when I say so, will you be released!

    Soon, I will come back to you, I will dress up the occasion in satin and lace and you will receive me and encircle me in your cloudlike warmth,

    Guess who didn’t feel like waking up this morning!

  • kurtbethel

    LouBelle: I don't nap much unless I need it - then I lie on my bed, smack bang in the middle and spread out like a star fish

    Ah, so you are a sprawler! LOL!

  • LouBelle

    Am I now Kurt?? that must be an american saying cos I have NO idea.... well a vague one. But when you have a comfy queensize bed all to yourself **shiver** what better way to enjoy it. (besides sharing it with someone)

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    My best naps happen when I have been doing heavy thinking and enter a state of semiconscousness. Some of my most creative thinking happens at this time. I'm not so sure I could get that kind of thinking done with a partner stealing my blanket or rolling over on me. Once my subconscious is awoken I can't never get that headspace back.

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