Did you secretly not want studies and rv's?

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  • new light
    new light

    I remember going out in circus because it was what we did. The idea of having to conduct a study or being responsible for a return visit and, therefore, eternal state of existence, caused knots in the stomach and massive dread. Actually having to commit to field circus long term with no hope of escape to save someone's life was a real downer. I was always secretly relieved when people were not home or not interested. Once they took the lit you were responsible to return with something to say. Ugh! What was your take on interested people?

  • nomoreguilt

    For the most part, the few rv's that I had only turned into social visits. The schools, kids, soccer, skiing yadayada. At first, I returned because I really thought what I had to teach them was the troof. When the wts started to change the purchasing of the literature at the counter, did I realise that the wts wanted more money. And asking for donations to a world wide work didn't set with me well.

    After this change, I was very brief at the door. Although I was very well versed in the bible and could tactfully argue any point and turn their beliefs into mush, my heart was no longer in it. After awhile, I practiced faked knocking, learned from some younger dubs and then quit going door to door altogether.


  • odie67

    i did not mind the rv because that gave me something to do when i did not want to do door to door. 95% of the time you would not catch the person anyway and that was alright to me. I did not want a Bible study because

    I. really did not have the time, I was just barely keeping my head above the water.

    2. I just did not want the commitment.

    I think the only people who want bible studies are the older ones who are retired and have nothing else to do.

  • new light
    new light

    Fake knocking. Awesome. Odie, those are some definite positive regarding rv's. I personally would not have been able to converse for very long as a JW, though. The ministry school did not teach normal social skills.

  • LisaRose

    I never really followed up on any return visits. It just seemed so intursive to me. Just because, out of pity, they took the magazines, didn't mean they wanted JW's coming back week after week. I really was never a very good JW that way. Always hated it, it never felt right. The only plus would be that I stopped feeling guilty for a few hours about not going out. I never did the "fake knock" thing, what a great idea. I did knock pretty lightly though.

  • R.Crusoe

    After sincerely dowsing my soul in WT beliefs, and endeavoring to inculcate their whole essence within, I had started to pick up subliminal negatives which I wrote off as self doubt, satans tricks and pure coincidence till I was living a contradiction with my inner core! My head was forcing what my heart was in pain over!

    Which is what made me answer yes to the above question by default and not a reluctance to follow my beilefs! In fact it was my knowing I had been duped which put my inner self on guard againts deceiving others into the hell I was living within!

  • jaguarbass

    A slight twist on your topic. I never wanted a study but in my junior high school years some axx kisser always reaching out would speak to my mother and the next thing I know some axxwipes coming over once a week studying the troof book.

    There were 3 of them that worked my mother, then me and my brother.

  • sass_my_frass

    I only studied with JW kids, and their parents generally fed me prior to a meeting, so I appreciated the easy time. Also, I'm sure my rvs were all just the polite type; too kind to tell me what a beetroot I was and to tell me to bugger off. I appreciated the easy time from them also; large territory, lots of driving from one end to the other, this is the way we pioneer.

  • new light
    new light

    Lisa-- I know what you mean. I also left those people alone. R. Crusoe-- The heart is a powerful thing that cannot be silenced forever. Glad yours came through. Jag-- Was your Mom in da troof? If she was, you and your brothers were the best kind of study...the "fish in a barrel" variety.

  • All_These_Kids

    I went through a phase soon after baptism when I really tried to do a good job w/ service, but that didn't really work out long term. I mostly tried to go out w/ an elder who had a large and drove a van (of course - nothing says "Serious about the troof" like a van) because he seemed to have a plan for that whole service thing. A typical Saturday went something like this: 9:00 AM meet and open the cover of that month's WT for the very first time and make up something 9:15 Load up a bunch of people and drive waaay out to the other end of the county. Drive slow - safety first! 9:45 Take turns getting out at different houses - I was always very polite and let other people go first I then I would hope for a not at home. 10:15 Break time! The best part of the whole morning - Drive all the way back into town to a McDonald's or Hardee's for some biscuits and fresh coffee. 11:00 Spend the last hour looking for someone's non-existent return visit. Funny how they never seemed to be home... 12:00 Quittin' Time! With a schedule like that you could be a good Jovie and rarely have to talk to anyone.

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