Did you secretly not want studies and rv's?

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  • spanteach

    All-these-kids those were the BEST field circus days. Getting out at maybe one or two doors at most. Excellent and you went in at noon feeling nice and full. Lisa, I mastered the light one-knuckle knock. I still knocked, technically, but if the householder was in the back of the house, there was no way they could hear the light "klunk" on the door.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    I actually was looking to help people. In those days I believed studying with them would do some good. What a waste of my time and theirs.

  • Fadeout

    I hated the door-to-door phase, so for my last couple years of activeness I pretty much just offered Bible studies. Sometimes I didn't even use the magazines, I'd just have the Bible in my hand and say that we were offering free home Bible studies. I wanted to get Bible studies because that was guaranteed easy time every month and I could slack off on the door to door.

    Never got any Bible studies, but I quit going door to door anyway. ;-)

  • new light
    new light

    ATK-- I wonder if those days exist anymore. American fuel prices have put that sort of wasteful driving out of reach of the average JW, I'm sure. Eh..they probably still drive around like morons to avoid actual door-to-door. A day like that now would cost $20 or more in a van full of people, not including that much deserved break.

    Fadeout-- The ol' bible study offer...cut right to the chase! I used a similar technique, saying "We're with Jehovah's Witnesses" right away. Why prolong the agony with small talk? I figured that they were either in or out. Talking about expanding their flowerbed earthwide was a waste of everyone's time.

  • WTWizard

    I did not want any responsibility to be out in field circus all the time. The idea of having studies was not my favorite, since I did not want to commit to having to get those people to change long-running habits. I did not want to be the one to hound them about their music, their sex habits, to pry into whether they still went to church or celebrated holidays, to supply them the basics for starting field circus, and so on.

    I did my best to let my partners talk at the doors. When I got a door, I would try for the quick "Not Interested". I didn't knock very hard, and I would do a quick jab with the doorbell (I hated it when my partner pounded the door so hard it would be heard from China). Absolutely the only thing I wanted (aside doors that no one was home at or that got slammed in our faces) was for someone of the opposite sex to answer it and for me to do fornication instead of placing littera-trash. (Too bad the witless cockroaches made sure that would never happen).

    In retrospect, I am glad I was lazy. Had I worked hard and got a study, I would have been part responsible for them getting their critical mass toward the Second Dark Ages. And 7 million.

  • hillbilly

    I got roped into studies with members' relatives who were about my age. Nothing better than trying to get some little wankers to give up dope and get a haircut to be part of the troof.

    I never studied with anyone found in the work (tm)... I had a knack for finding "not at homes"

    I never suceeded. Thank Goodness.


  • megaflower

    Field service was something I hated and would hope no one would be home. If I did get a return visit I always sought out a pioneer and turned it over to them. I was good at making excuses as to why I could not follow up on the call.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Once I started down the slippery path of years of barely hanging on to the cult, I never
    wanted to have a successful RV or get a study.

    As an example to the flock, I kept an RV list. It consisted of anyone I placed literature
    with and a few people I had a nice chat with. I made sure it was several weeks before
    I went back to them again, and then it was only because the group was expecting me
    to have "some" RV's on this rainy day. My wife had scores of them, so usually I went
    along for the ride and suggested another sister go with her on these. When it was a man
    and she turned him over to me, I would call back to press him into a study right away
    so that he would say NO.

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