Why no dub buzz over the new generation change?

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  • oompa
    Olinghostly: But, I pointed out, it is a major doctrinal change. It's a 180-degree shift in the meaning of "generation." From 1995 - 2008, "generation" in Matt. 24 meant wicked people in the last days. Now it means the anointed. How more different can you get?

    Olin, i am assuming this logic did not have much impact on your very JW parents, or you would have mentioned it. But I agree with you that the difference is probably that this is way more minor than yanking the time frame of 1914 away from it's generation as in 1995. I asked my dad a year ago what may now be an even more important thought provoking question....some of you may want to ask dubs you love this before the WT study. "Dad, just how many changes in our teachings will you have to see before you might consider we really don't have the answers?" I did not get a reply, and that was good, because I could tell he was thinking bout it.....................oompa

  • oompa
    Shopaholic: Actually even on its own its a big deal because shouldn't they have gotten it right the first time?

    HA...good one...the first time????.....do you mean back in 1874 when WT said Jesus had arrived invisibly, and that the generation then of only 40 years would see armagedon in 1914?.......or maybe you mean when Jesus first said it over 2000 years ago?........or the teaching for over 40 years in the 1900's that the generation of 1914 would not die out before the end?......or the one that the generation is a contemporaneous group of wicked not linked to 1914?........now I'm tired...........oompa

  • free2beme

    Have they made any more changes on this since 1995?

  • R.Crusoe

    Because they already bought it!!

    Remember the VHS Betamax Fiasco? Get everyone on VHS and it becomes reality!

    And the Windows Apple mularkey? When your windows slows - should you have bpought the Apple? Ahem make do for now!!

    The WT has rooms full of such 'latest and best' sale tags!

    Now then - build a lifestyle based on a houseful of imaginary products designed for you and your family!

    One true god! Gods only Earthly slave class! Get you and yours into paradise! Annointed on Earth - meet them! World government soon to come! etc etc etc........

    Who is gonna dump their life at the refuse dump and start over after years down the line? - who can afford to?

    The WT is based on natural wasteage!!


    And hangers on who bought it will keep the sales going for a product that is already out there!

    Consumer religion!!

    And only the informed don't buy it!

  • FlyingHighNow

    So what is the change in simple terms? Some of us can't get that WT or plow through it i we did. I never could understand that kind of S#$t.

  • Olin Moyles Ghost
    Olin Moyles Ghost

    Oompa, you asked how my folks reacted to my points. They weren't receptive. They worship the FDS like an idol. It's so sad to see.

  • JH
    So what is the change in simple terms?

    I'm also waiting for a simple clear and SHORT explanation.

    Thanks for the link mickey mouse

    Next weekend congregations around the world will be studying the WT article on the new definition of a "generation".

    And this new definition is ? ___________________

    You can't be talking about the 1995 change, that isn't a new definition....

  • watson

    Up til '95, "the generation that would by no means pass away until all these thing occur" referred to the 70 to 80 year life span of someone that was old enough to understand what was happening in 1914. This led most of us to believe that the great tribulation and Armagedon would happen within this life span.

    Come forward 80 years, 1995, the organization turns on some new light. The "generation" now meant the generation of wicked that was present when the end would come. Ambiguous. The generation no longer refers to timing of the end, but a group of people that happened to be around. (Wicked People).

    Come forward 13 years to 2008. The "generation" now refers to annointed remnant. Indicating that annointed would still be on earth when the Great Tribulation and Armagedon take place.

    Changing the understanding from "a generation of wicked" to "the annointed" is a biggie.

    This is how I understand it.

  • skeeter1

    I asked by DUB sister if she was going to drink the wine at this past Memorial.

    She looked puzzled.

    I said, "There is New Light on the subject. Before, the annointed class had to be born before 1935. This year's New Light, is that they can be born any time, up until Armeggedon. So, since you're born in the 1960's, you can be annointed."

    She blurted, "Oh, but you have to "feel" that you are annointed. And, I don't "feeeeeeel" that way. I want to live on Paradise Earth."


    The whole 'change' flew over her head.

    This is why I think the Watchtower can change ANY policy. The majority of the DUBS are faithful, brainwashed DUBS. I think that Bethel could even change the blood issue, if explained Watchtower style, with no major loss.

  • R.Crusoe

    That's my understanding Watson, but being detached I am never certain and since they roll around in the mud so much its tough to see what they're up to.

    When their prophecies lie tied within their R&F what's not to believe for future converts?

    Chess moves on the next generations of followers!

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