I know my favorite dream job - what's yours?

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  • spanteach

    I'm 34, wings. By show biz industry standards, that's too old. But I was asked to have a small part in our school's play and I just sang a song at our school's annual Broadway Cabaret. So I have an outlet for my love of stage. :D

  • odie67

    working in a coffee house

    I would love to own a coffee house....

    i would have tons of books, low lights, a fire place, comfortable seating, just the right music, muffins, scones, a soup for the day, sandwiches cookies...oh and the very best coffee

    I'm really good at service...I love to make people comfortable...if something isnt right, i take pleasure in fixing the problem.

  • wings
    sitting on the pier at anna maria island or siesta key and fish forever.......with endless ciders beside me.....using my mother in law as bait.....I wouldn't catch anything obviously....but it would be fun trying

    Minus the monther in law as bait, that would be my dream life. I'm with you on the ciders, but what are we fishing for?

  • Casper

    I have always wanted to work in some sort of disaster relief program. Being a part of the crew that helps provide food, clothing and shelter to families. Doing our best to help them feel as safe and comfortable as possible under the circumstances. I really think my heart would be in that type of job.

    On a lighter note, I always wanted to own and operate my own "Green House"... I enjoy growing and taking care of plants of all kinds, the more exotic the better.


  • new boy
    new boy

    What could be better then a pro-golfer

    Lots of money!

    Travel to the most beautiful places on the planet! I mean what is better looking then a golf course?

    No chance of getting hurt....a stray ball every now and then.

    And who knows you might even get a hole-in-one!

  • wings

    Casper, you should get together with Flying High Now, very similar. I admire you both, I would probably like that too, but for tonight I'm into my more selfish ventures.

    At one point in my life I almost started a greenhouse business. Then my life took a turn, and now I can't keep a house plant alive. I am getting it back, I do better with outside plants.

  • free2beme

    Professional writer of fiction books.

  • wings
    I'm really good at service...I love to make people comfortable...if something isnt right, i take pleasure in fixing the problem.

    odie67, I must be an odie too. One of my reality/dream jobs is to have a small cafe, maybe 10 or 12 tables. Working the local market, and doing catering on the side. I am ridiculous about making people comfortable.....I'm pretty sure I'm older than you. Trust me, it is a curse in some ways. (you can never be cool, you know what I mean don't you). In the end we are what we are, and we might as well use our born in skills and have some fun.

  • WTWizard

    Ruining the Watchtower Society.

  • wings
    Ruining the Watchtower Society.

    Into the ground I hope.

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