How do you fell when you look back at your time as a JW ??

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  • babygirl75

    All in all, I had a great childhood. I try to focus on the good times that I had. It does give you a sense of sadness though to think of certain things you missed out on and can't get back. Holidays, birthdays, and so on....

    I often wonder how my life may have turned out different if we had not been in the JW's. At least I would have still had my family!

  • brunnhilde

    I'm not as angry and bitter as I used to be, but it comes in cycles. It's like having been kidnapped and trying to explain where your life went before you got out. Why I'm just starting to create a "real" life at age 38, why I was married to such an incredible mismatch to me, why I have massive gaps in my knowledge about all kinds of normal things. Foolish, humiliated, sad, resentful, angry.

    It feels like life is so much harder than it had to be. Its definitely better on the outside, but still, it just feels like I've lost so much that I can never get back, and I'm still trying to reconcile myself to that.


  • IP_SEC

    I would be a completely different person with a different life experience.

    I love who I am.

    Wouldnt change a thing. Glad it all happened exactly the way it happened.

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