Anyone here into vegetarianism?

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  • DazedAndConfused

    Just had to add this site:

    I got it by following another link on the abuse of animals but I particularly like it because it has 'cooking shows' on it.

  • llbh

    Hi D&C

    Yes i am fortunate to be in good health. Doctor confirmed it last week in a routine check up

    Do not worry just enjoy your food without meat and fish, I enjoy dairy food though

    Reagrds David

  • AudeSapere

    Here's another link I just found and your question is one of the ones asked.

    (Let the reader use discernment~~!) All I did was google 'nutri require protein' and this was one of the hits:

    Good luck on your quest.


  • ninja

    yep.....I married a vegetable....oops .....only kidding wifey if you read this ever

  • JimmyPage

    Hell no. I love burgers and steaks too much!

  • R.Crusoe

    I once taught most of a family of vegans - very intelligent though that was down to parenting being informative in the extreme. Issues with certain nutritional things have to be confronted but it sits well with me for some reason!

    Also a teacher who was vegetarian and also into music and playing instruments - what a dream combination - I was born out of place for sure!!

    So being a late convert to vegetarianism ( i dont mind animal produce = unless i was with someone who did cuz I'm not too concerned either way so long as my harm none self is in tune) at a time when much of my situation is in freefall, I simply stock up on fruits and veg, occasional pasta and seeds, grains etc. And I can eat a jar of olives in one go - wow- oil not brine (too salty)- my bad! Oats, wheatgerms, rye flakes, bran wheat etc with cinammon sticks = whateva is there for porridge! Pizza with olive peppers mushrooms cheeses chopped tomatoes topped on when crisp!

    Best fruits = honeydew melon slightly alkaline and good for heartburn and fiiling you up with little weight gain!

    Superb fruits are kiwi - ripe when soft and can take 4 weeks to so careful not too hard at purchase - but seem to last forever without rotting!

    Mango - another fruit that must be soft to press and is just as amazing as kiwi when ready!

    So I just started and played around basically! Vegetariansm is my adult sand pit, bucket and spade!

  • MissingLink

    As a carnivore I think vegitarians are delicious.

  • SPAZnik

    what chickpea said. thatz my favorite site. protein is easy on a veg diet. B12 is always the kicker for me.

  • SPAZnik

    keep it simple dazed. rice and beans and greens to start. then add stuff ya like. go for a rainbow of colour. will mostly underscore just how nutritious raw foods are (compared to processed foods)! don't get too caught up in the details. the staples are rice and beans and greens. beyond that, variety is key. you can look anywhere online to find out how much protein you need for your body weight and activity levels. then use to get a feel for how much you're getting in various nutritious foods. good to supplement with vitamin B12. if you get too lethargic (beyond initial toxin release) consider adding more protein and/or checking your B12 levels. (and get enough sunlight). listen to your body. it knows stuff that no website can tell you. ;)

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Ex (=apostate) vegetarian here.

    I do not do well on a long term vegetarian or vegan diets, the benefits of which are overstated by their gurus.

    These diets do have medicinal uses.

    Be very cautious putting children on these diets, they may end up with permanent damage unless they cheat on the diet, or you know the tricks to make them work.

    B12 deficiency can be a problem.

    B12 in a bottle from your health shop may not be as effective as the label will lead you to believe.

    Contrary to what you read on some vegan/vegetarian websites there are NO vegetarian sources of B12. If anyone wants to call me a liar, they had better be ready with some very good evidence to support their case.

    To get arond this problem, do not used washed vegetables as washing reduces the B12 present in faecal contamination and accidentally ingested insects. Practicing poor hygene after using the lavatory may not be socially acceptable nowadays, but it will increase your intake of vitamin B12.

    I prefer to eat some meat. Liver is high in B12.

    If you are prepared to continue on ANY diet to the point where you suffer adverse effects on your health you have an eating disorder. Always be prepared to admit when a diet is not serving you well.

    You may find useful information at



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