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  • tinker

    'Part of my job is to forget'......OMG.....AS IF! Where does it say that in the Bible?

    I forgot to protect those little girls.....oops sorry.

  • Fadeout

    If it is contrary to the religion of these elders to testify, why did they not refuse even after they were ordered by the secular authorities to do so?

    If they actually believed they were required by God to maintain the confidentiality of their flock, they should have gone to prison rather than give in to man's unrighteous decisions. Witnesses have been more than willing in the past to face all sorts of horrible consequences for disobeying secular authorities, including death.

    Yet, a judge orders them to testify in violation of their religious beliefs, and they simply comply, selling out a brother who had spoken to them in confidence?

  • SnakesInTheTower


    I do not believe for one minute these men 'forgot' exactly what was and was not said.

    I concur with you. I "served" {gag} on dozens of JC's in the 5 years I was an elder...thankfully, none on molestation issues. Although I try to forget, I still remember much of those meetings. I probably have better recollection because I took detailed notes for the files. If any of those files (on cases I was on) were ever supoenaed, the lawyers would get tons of details, unlike most of the cases I did not serve on.... the other elders only took very very very sketchy notes.... more sketchy if I was on the JC taking notes.... they relied on my notes if anything ever came up.

    Thankfully the details are getting fuzzier with time. If this case was recent, esp on a molestation case, I can all but guarantee you that those men will never forget the details unless they just dont have a heart....oh wait....JW elders...having a heart.... sorry....

    Snakes ()

  • Tatiana

    Sinay and John Vaughn, a former elder, were given immunity by the district attorney's office, shielding them from any potential prosecution as a result of their testimony about Simental's statements, prosecutor Burke Strunsky said in court before either man testified.

    How very convenient.

  • oompa

    I am very encouraged by the elders testimony. Especially since my son is has been df'd 4 years and i probably will be soon. All we have to do is wait a couple of years, and then question the JC about what went down....since they can't remember EXACTLY what was said, then they will have to pardon us!!.....................oompa

  • tinker

    I have been trying find all the articles on this case but it is difficult. I am not very computer literate so could someone put all the pieces together. I have some questions about the story. Who came forward first? The girls when they told the mother? Or did the man go to elders first to confess? Who alerted to police? The parents or someone else?

    Not that any of this matters to the outcome. It is a horrid and overly sad situation. The WT is guilty of abuse just as the man accused.

    I guess I am interested because I am from So Cal and was also a victim of molestation as a child, many years ago. My parents did not go to police but it was not as understood and talked about as today. I am baffled that with all the media coverage and education this awful crime is so common. My parents did protect me, told everyone in the neighborhood and my dad strong armed the man. I remember something about a shovel???

    and my husband and I were talking and said if something like that ever happened to our daughter we would not have gone to the elders, The police would be called immediately, then maybe the congergation if we felt like it. The old excuse of 'protecting Jehovah's name' is a crock. If Jehovah is the almighty god they worship, he does not need anybody to protect him.

  • MeneMene

    tinker - here are two articles still being listed on Google News

    Jury selection begins in molestation trial of Jehovah Witness -

    "His alleged crimes came to light when the mother of two of the girls told school officials she didn't want the suspect near her children and the school principal called police, according to court papers."


    Appellate court denies request to intervene in molestation case -


  • tinker

    Thank you MeneMene, very helpful. Ah yes, our children are safer at school than a KH.

    I just cannot believe these parents did not go to police themselves. It does seem the mother was sending a cry for help by asking the school to keep the creep away from her children. Most mothers know of the school policy of no tolerance of such crime.

  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead
    Also anything to do with 'sex' and men...er... people in general, are all ears. Such accounts make huge impacts on our brains.

    Yep, Tinker,

    Unfortunately, I still remember all the sordid details of the JC's I was involved with. You can't get that out of your brain. These guys are seriously lying that they don't remember the details. I mean they must have asked all sorts of things to determine if this was uncleannes, loose conduct, or porneia... That's what we were instructed to do...

    I'm sorry for the innocent girls who have to suffer all of this...


  • Honesty

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