What was your first "Real" job...?

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  • Casper

    Robdar, What a cool first job....

    Joelbear.... You have been one "Busy" man... Amazing..!

    Nowman... 13, now that is young....


    Got my exposure to "unusual religion" so JWs seem tranquil compared to my experiences

    Kurtbethel, ... that's an intriguing comment... Is your story posted...???


  • Peppermint

    I worked in a high fashion menswear shop.

  • megaflower

    worked as a physican assistant level 2 pawtucket memorial hospital rhode island

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    I was a receptionist at a lawyers office pretty much right out of high school. I was so innocent! lol Every Friday they'd shut the office around 2 and wheel out the portable bar and have drinks. One of the lawyers was having an affair with his secretary, both were married, her husband was this huge OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) motorcycle cop. They'd be back in his office for hours every day. There was a repair man that had to repeatedly come in to fix the hydrolic lift on the lawyers chair . He'd sit there in the waiting room and talk to me - he couldn't understand why it was always breaking down, they'd never had that problem with that chair before lol. When the husband found out it was not a pretty scene. He came in the office one day, drove up on his Harley in his uniform, stormed in the office, made his wife quit. She did, and the lawyer would come in late, usually drunk by 11am - it was just toooo much for me lol. I got the job through a temp agency and finally called them up and asked to be reassigned.

  • Casper


    Sounds cool. When I worked at the clothing store, I got a great discount... Hope you did also..


    I found the medical field to be very interesting, I enjoyed my time working at the hospital, believe it or not, there were some good moments....lol

    Bumble Bee....

    Now that is some story...!!! Talk about learning the facts of life at a young age...


  • lonelysheep

    Working at Dunkin Donuts in my small NJ town at the age of 16. Jesus, some of the people that came in there every freakin day, same time caused me believe these people needed coffee rehab. Unfortunately?, I became a coffee addict, too.

    In addition to a few normal working class, there were some very memorable customers and fellow employees I will never forget:

    15:00:00 customer Charles Manson. I can't say it any other way--I thought I was going to $hit on myself when he walked in the first day of my shift. The tatoos, the eyes, hair, voice....it freaked me the eff out. I almost forgot how hick of a town I was from and knew I wanted out one day soon.

    18:02:00 customer Loser Stalker. Why on earth was I so naive? Remember when the unigender scent CK One came out? I asked (who I thought was normal) customer what he was wearing and said it smelled good. Cripes. He came back every single day 7 days a week during my shift just to see me. He paid with his coffee in dimes and pennies from his big blue bottle. He then would follow me around town and I swear, was in my yard one night. No one believed me. (sigh) I'm not talking about some hot 20 year old, this guy was well into his 40's and I was an OBVIOUS 16 year old kid. He told my coworker about the dates he wanted to take me on. I had to hide every time he pulled up and eventually quit.

    Sunday evening relief colleague Toothless Ruth or whatever her name was. The epitomy of trash. Husband and nephew would sit and talk and say, "And this there nigger did this and that (walked in a door somewhere)." Her reply, "Oh he was just talking. That offended you, L.?!" Yeah bitch, I'm only half black but you and your people are still ignorant no matter what I am.

    Endless couples hooked up and got married as a result of working at dunkin donuts. I grew tired of working for somewhat mafioso, became sick of oil and fell in love with coffee.

  • serendipity

    burger flipper. Then second week on the job I was made team lead over girls who had been there months.

  • restrangled

    Does any one remember those old photo shop drop off kiosks in parking lots? I can't even remember the name...but I did so well with sales I won a free camera out of the entire region.

    After that I taught ballroom dancing....don't want to go there, could have made that my life's work. A guy I danced with is now on television professionally and he was horrible at the time....2 left feet.


  • oompa

    Still just doin the bikini wax thing..........................oompa

  • SacrificialLoon

    I was an intern at the local telephone co.

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