What was your first "Real" job...?

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  • Casper

    One where you were actually given a paycheck, & where did you end up after that , if you're in the mood to tell ? There are a lot of intelligent people here with, I assume, some very interesting occupations...

    But hey, we all had to start somewhere.......

    For myself, my first real job was at a local clothing store, imagine my surprise when at the age of 18 I realized just how much items were marked up...!!! I priced the clothes at 3 times the cost to the store. I also worked on the floor helping customers and was a gift wrapper at Christmas time. I was there for a year.

    I went from there to being sworn in as a "Deputy Clerk" of the xxxx County Court House. A fairly prestigious job for a 19 year old. (my first mother-in-law got me that job). I was involved in all court cases, criminal, civil, and juvenile. Plus handled all divorce cases. A very interesting job. I was there for 3 years, until the lady I worked for got beaten in the next election.

    I went from there to our local hospital and worked in the Emergency Room, the things I did then, now require a nursing licenses to do... I saw everything imaginable... learned a lot about the fight for life and the pain of death... I was there for 3 years and moved to OK. when my husband joined the Air Force.

    My last job was at good ole Wally World for 6 months... I've been retired ever since.


  • flipper

    CASPER- At the early age of 16 - I was " cult mind controlled " by McDonalds as a junior in High School. In 1975 the minimum wage was $ 2.20 per hour in California and 7 months later I was still at $ 2.20 per hour. Needless to say I quit for greener pastures ! LOL! The managers were trained to be real bastards.

    One time I was 1 penny short on my cash register drawer after working the register for the first time. As a joke the 40 year old manager and assistant manager pulled a cruel joke on me saying my cash register drawer was $ 20.00 short after working the drawer only 2 hours ! I told them, no way I could be that short- I barely brought in $ 20.00 in 2 hours ! Then they said, " We were just teasing you ( even though they appeared serious) , really you were 1 penny short. So we just want you to be careful . " It was then at that early age - I knew I was going to be self -employed my whole work life ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    I worked in a Sub sandwich shop, when not many people ate them. My old JW girl friend and I would say hi to the band teacher, which was my last hour of high school, and he would wave us off. In other words, he didn't want to practice that day. Actally it was orchestra. I played violin. There were only 5 or 6 of us.

    Usually alot of the band were hanging around him, with the girls flirting with him.

    So my friend and I would go across the street to the sub shop, and hang out, til time to go home. We know our parents would have a fit, having a class, without going, and getting A's.

    I begged every day for a job. They kept saying when I turned 16. So, the day I turned 16, I walked in, and asked "When do I start?" That night.

  • BFD

    My first official paycheck came from New York State although I worked well before that delivering newspapers and doing yard work. I was a garbage picker on Jones Beach, Field 4, as soon as I was able to get my working papers at 16. Worked there for 3 summers. It was a blast.


  • asilentone

    I filled out my first job application in 1985 with Bell South then I got hired! I worked for them for more than 9 years til I got laid off due to downsizing. Oh well!

  • wings

    McDonald's 1974. The menu was much simpler then. MUCH SIMPLER. I think I made $1.75 an hour. I must be older than Flipper.

  • BrentR

    I worked as an amusement park ride operator and ran the ferris wheel, coaster, scrambler, merry-go-round and water slide. To this day I am not sure what was worse, the kids or the goofy Robin Hood uniforms we had to wear. I hate Robin Hood.

  • WTWizard

    Washing dishes. I started in late 198x (sorry, Brother Hounder, you are going to have to guess that). I made something more than $3.50 an hour at a time when the minimum wage was $3.35 an hour. Needless to say, they were extremely tight with the labor costs (they tolerated sloppiness to get people out on time, so they don't have to pay an extra 95 cents for a better job).

  • Casper

    Trying to be like Mr. Flipper here.... Those are some interesting "Firsts" into the working force....

    Mr. Flipper.... I think most around here start out at Mcdonalds also... LOL... awww that was cruel of them to play such a trick on you....Guess, every penny counts...lol. Glad you moved on...

    HL.... Wow, that took perseverance... Lol... Glad that worked out for you...

    BFD.... Looks like everyone got a early start... you must enjoy outside work. My Brother is like that... he refuses to be "Cooped" up in a building.

    Asilentone..... 9 years is a pretty good run, for a first job. So sorry you got laid off....

    Hi Wings.....Good to see you back...! McDonalds seems to be the starting place for many. I agree the menu back then was simpler...Nice avatar... Is that You...?

    BrentR....Oh cool, I would think that would be interesting work for a young person.... uh... well, except for the "Suit"... lol (sorry).


  • wings


    Thanks, it is nice to be back. My time away (this time) was good for me. I'm finally doing well.

    Yes that is me, I took it in 'comic book' seems I look better fuzzy.

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