What was your first "Real" job...?

by Casper 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • Layla33

    I have been working since I was 11 years old. I have spent approximately eight years in university (too long, but I love education), and I have worked in a few fields (well more than a few); taught, done social service, managed entire departments, and if you can imagine this, I still take classes once and a while. I would give more information on what I am doing presently, but I need to be a bit anonymous.

    My favorite jobs were the most simplistic: Delivering papers, working in a pharmacy, helping homeless people, making sandwiches, and traveling for work - love to see the world on the job's dime. One day I came across a paycheck from when I was 16. I made a whopping $3.35 an hour plus comission. The funny thing was it was some of the best times of my life...

    I always said when I retire, I am going to make sandwiches and start a foundation based on the profits.

  • Casper
    My time away (this time) was good for me. I'm finally doing well.

    Wings... good to hear. We all need a break now and then. Glad things are better.

    Someday I will get brave enough to put my pic up also.... I'm working on it... lol


  • Quirky1

    Hog Farmer.


  • Casper

    WTWizard, I've done that too, only I never got paid for it... lol.


    I always said when I retire, I am going to make sandwiches and start a foundation based on the profits.

    I admire you, you seem like a person who knows what she wants and goes for it........


    We have those around here.......a lot of the young boys get their first experience working there.....


  • Hope4Others

    The first job I ever had was in a fishery mostly shucking shrimp. I went home exhausted and reeked of fish



  • Casper


    Ewwww, I can stand a lot of things, but the smell of fish just does me in. No offense to your job, but you said...

    I went home exhausted and reeked of fish

    So glad you got out of there....


  • Robdar

    A small radio station in a small town in AL gave me my first pay check, followed by larger radio stations in Kansas City. And so it goes until it didn't. Now an attorney pays my paycheck.

  • joelbear69

    Bank Teller
    Head Teller
    Went to College - Got Associates Degree
    Process Analyst
    Productivity Officer
    Corporate Non Interest Income Manager
    Corporate Marketing Manager
    Management Consultant - Banking
    Business Development Manager - Management Consulting
    Went Back to College - Got Bachelors Degree
    Home Depot Cashier
    Market Research Project Manager
    Market Research Analyst
    Outbound Business Development - Market Research

    Wow 32 years of working. YIKES!

    Only 10 to go. I should be able to retire at 60

  • Nowman

    I worked at my grand fathers fork lift truck company, we sold replacement parts for all fork lifts types, brands. I started working in the packaging department packaging parts. You know that SSN statement you get every year listing what you get if you retired etc, or what your family would get, then there is the listing of the years you have worked with all the income details, mine is reported every year since 1987, I was 13, was that legal???

    I then went on to stay with the company until I was almost 20. I left the business eventually, but because of my starting early, it helped since I did not attend college.


  • kurtbethel

    I worked for Dr. Bronner, the peppermint soap guy, started in the warehouse pulling orders for shipment, and some maintenance.

    Got my exposure to "unusual religion" so JWs seem tranquil compared to my experiences.


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