What Careers, Opportunities Did you Have to Sacrifice - to be a Witness ?

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  • IP_SEC

    Hmm nothing I can think of right off hand... I did work my ass off. Working my ass off at work, then talks and meetings and service and whatnot... but I cant say that really hurt me nun.

    OOO I just thought of something!!! About 15,000 hours of my life wasted at meetings, svs, and assemblies and stuff. Oh well, I prolly would have wasted that time doing something else anyway alt

  • joelbear69

    I was very good at Math and dreamed of becoming a Math Professor

    and researcher at a University. I dated a witness girl once who turned down

    a scholarship to Juliard where she was going to study to become

    an opera singer.

  • Dorktacular

    I gave up a chance to have a lucrative music career. I shoulda left the JWs when I was much younger...... sigh.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Wow, Flipper

    This is a more popular thread than you might have imagined.
    I cannot say what my career is because I am a fader, but I was almost talked
    out of my current career because of missing meetings, which would be a bad
    example for an elder. But it was post-1995 when I started to pursue a career
    that I would be able to retire from with a decent income.

    I had decided that the generation change made this a high priority. I told the
    BOE that they could decide to "delete" me when or if it became a problem.
    Anyway, I started my career in 2000 and they never deleted me. I love it now.
    Most of my phone contact friends from JWD know what I do. You can appreciate
    how it would have been a lost opportunity of enjoyable rewarding work just to
    wear an elder badge.

    In many ways, I am glad they didn't delete me. I might have lingered on as a
    JW for much longer if I had a lighter load. Why men covet that elder badge is beyond
    me. I just did it for "Jehovah." I never wanted the load.

  • Reefton Jack
    Reefton Jack

    I was firstly stopped from taking up the offer from a large company to sponsor me through university to do the degree course in electrical engineering.
    A year or two later, the elders succeeded in getting me to abandon my apprenticeship as a telecommunications technician.
    (That is how fanatical many in our part of the world were about the coming "End" in 1975).

    I admire those who have picked up the pieces afterwards, and and gone ahead to complete a degree course at university.
    The best time to study for such things, though, is when you are straight out of high school:
    - as I am finding out right now, as I battle my way through the course to obtain an electrical contractors licence!


  • flipper

    Great replies ! I hope you are all doing well- hopefully progressing a bit each day ! I know, it's tough.

    ALPACA- I'm glad you started your own business young at 19 - I did too at 23 years of age. I think lots of us caught hell for not putting the kingdom first . I'm glad for you that you are getting your masters and law degree ! Good for you ! You should be proud !

    GALILEO- That would be great if you went back to school. I'm rooting for you ! Give it a shot ! I believe in you.

    WORF- I'm glad you are going to college hoping to teach science. Too bad you had to give up the installing alarm job - all because of carrying a pistol. Believe me, you would have felt even more pressure earning a living providing for children. I had 3 , I remember. Good luck to you !

    HILLBILLY- I too would have enjoyed pursuing a major league baseball career. My high school coach really wanted me to be on the high school team and was quite disappointed when I didn't go out. But my witness parents ( elder dad) wouldn't let me play high school sports. I'm glad you got smart when you were 22 and started taking hold of your career opportunities.

    WHITE DOVE- I'm glad you are going to college friend ! Keep it up !

    LANCE LINK- Wow! A doctor was going to pay for and give you a loan for medical school ? I see why you are disappointed ! Hang in there friend. I didn't go to college either. Try to make the best of what you have now.

    WT WIZARD- It sounds like you had really good computer skills. Sorry you didn't go for the $32.00 per hour job in 1989. It is disgusting how the " filthful and Disgusting " slave controls people so much - they can't even make a decent living and progress economically because of the witness cult.

    JUST HUMAN- Didn't mean to depress you bro, sorry ! That is too bad the elders hassled you over playing your music and " owning a radio station ". Gawd- these a$$wipe elders are SO controlling. Not only do they love spouting off their own personal opinions to witness members - but it totally confuses rank and file members ! I feel for you bro !

    JIM DEE- I'm glad you pursued your nuclear power career ! Yes, all these elders that dissed you - certainly could not hold up your jock strap ! They love to criticize you - but they do worse things !

    LOUBELLE- Too bad you couldn't pursue swimming or acting sis ! I bet you were and are good at both !

    IP-SEC- I know how you feel bud ! I've worked hard since I was 16- and I'm still not wealthy ! Middle class poor and broke is more like it ! LOL! I think the WT society owes us money for all the time we put in- don't you think ?

    JOELBEAR 69- I bet you would have made a great math professor. Sorry the witness girl couldn't pursue her opera singing . She may have been the next female version of Pavarotti !

    DORKTACULAR- If you still enjoy music, man by all means try to pursue it ! Try to hook up with some weekend groups for weekend gigs - then maybe you could work your way in ! I bet you are good !

    OTWO- Yeah ! This thread did take off and get popular ! Interesting. I'm glad you followed your heart and own counsel and pursued a career that would give you some kind of retirement or benefits when you stop working. I agree with you - the fact that the elders " didn't " delete you put more pressure on you and allowed you to see the unreasonableness of it all in the organization. Glad you got out !

    REEFTON JACK- Keep the fight up Jack for your electrical contractors liscense ! Good for you ! I hope you succeed in your endeavors ! Don't let the WT society defeat your efforts ! Keep on truckin' ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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