What Careers, Opportunities Did you Have to Sacrifice - to be a Witness ?

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  • flipper

    I know this may be an annoying subject . But if you did have to give up doing what you wanted in a career or opportunity - what was it ? How controlling was the organization over you, and were you counseled by elders or higher ups to NOT pursue certain jobs, opportunities, college , etc - so that you stayed in the witnesses for awhile ; not doing what you wanted?

    Myself , I could have worked for a state corrections prison, with benefits , worked for a county courthouse , with benefits . I was pressured by my fanatic ex-wife who was a witness to quit a good paying job for Frito-lay company because of the night shift hours- missing meetings. Finally I found I' d just stay self - employed, probably make better money doing that anyway - which I've been doing now for over 25 years.

    So, I think it would help others here on the board to hear about what we had to go through, how we dealt with it, and overcame the organizations attempt to keep us suppressed and controlled ! Have you been able to get situated in a career- in spite of the witnesses at one time stealing all your time from you ? Were you ever told to give up jobs - so you wouldn't miss meetings? How did you handle it ? As always I look forward to your experiences , and how life is treating you now ! We have all had to overcome so much control over our lives from this organization ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • ninja

    I gave up a good career ....modelling for cabbage patch kids

  • undercover

    Well, I didn't go to college (gee, I wonder why) so I didn't get a degree. In high school, I thought it would have been cool to be an architect, but the college thing killed that.

    I floated around from factory to factory for a while and then landed a job doing design/drafting. I've been lucky to stay in that field, moving up to cad manager and department head at a couple of firms, though it would have been much more lucrative if I had gotten a degree and pursued architecture.

    And I have had elders tell me to quit jobs because of the hours or the travel...but I never listened to them. Too bad I listened to them(and my parents) about college.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I dreamt of flying commercial airplanes for a living. I was talked out of that by an elder while in the middle of the application process at aviation school.

    I gave up several supervisory/managerial positions due to meeting times etc. I did hold down a couple of managerial positions of merit, but never had my heart in it - always 'keeping my eye on the prize' - that made me vulnerable for displacement - which happened.

    I do resent the implications of all that at times - but try to not think about it.


  • Rapunzel

    Hi, Flipper - I guess that I was truly one of the "lucky ones," especially when I read the life stories of someone of the people on this board. They gave up higher education; good careers; family - many things and sacrificed everthing that they had to the "borg." I started studying on the sly in 1974 or 1975. I was, thankfully, the only Witness in my family. When they found out, my parents - two devout Roman Catholics - were justifiably enraged. In 1975, I graduated from high school and went to the university. I faded out in 1977 or 78 [my memory is not all that good, sorry]. Although I more or less floated through my first coulple of years at the uni, I never quit or dropped out of school. I came close to dropping out, but I did in fact stay in school. So, I can't say that I gave up higher education. In fact, I graduated from the university, and then went to graduate school. Of course, by the time I entered grad school, I was finished with the Witnesses for good.

    What I regret the most is the turmoil that I caused my family. I was able to formally apologize to my dad for the hurt I caused him, but never had the chance to do so with my mom.

    As you would say, flipper, "peace and out."

  • yknot



    Anything leading to a materialistic comforts lifestyle ....

    Guess now that I am on my way out I can run for school board (served as delegate last month...I am evil) and do community theatre...LOL...

  • R.Crusoe

    I gave up trainee manager cuz a toy store sold replica guns

    and turned down training to manage a new car sales outlet cuz they had a cigarette kiosk.

  • llbh

    Research Chemist. Then teacher. I had places for both and gave them up

    I am doing ok now but more by using my own wit

    Regards David

  • Casper

    I was talked out of finishing my Nursing Degree, because of the blood and abortion issues...

    If only we all could turn back the clock and start over....


  • daniel-p

    Ninja, don't feel bad, I gave up a career modelling for Garbage Pail Kids!

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