Need a guys opinion and ladies feel free to chime in!

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  • ex-nj-jw

    I wouldn't put her in the friend category!


  • TweetieBird

    Thanks for all of your comments. I agree with all of you that she is not a true friend. She is one of those girls that has to be the center of attention and preferable male attention of any kind.

    Casper, I'm with you...I am very territorial.

    As for hubby, he and I have a great relationship and are always brutally honest with each other. He has mentioned to me before (when out with her) that we need new friends so that won't be a problem. He just didn't think we needed to be mean to her and that's what pissed me off. He asked me if I wanted him to say something to her but I told him no, that I would take care of it.

    I like Terry's advice also. Thanks!

  • R.Crusoe

    If she is after hubby she is either stupid - to ignore you when she knows you're alone and not when he's home, or else she's playing you cuz she senses it may intimidate and divide you both - or it's all a coincidence!! - I've heard of some women doing this tricksy stuff like they're deeding you rope to hang yourself with - seems far fetched to me but somepeople are waay baad on messing others around like garbage.

    Take T's advice for a quick resolution and find what's the deal!!

  • babygirl75

    I sure wouldn't trust her!! Especially given her history of sleeping with several men. Her boss was probably married as well.

    Be direct with your husband that she makes you uncomfortable. He should take your side and understand your viewpoint. Why not just ignore her calls since she seems to ignore yours. Just avoid her and she will move on...

  • Casper

    Casper, I'm with you...I am very territorial.

    .... Good Luck...!!!


  • TweetieBird
    Her boss was probably married as well.

    He was! She slept with him for a few months, while she was with her boyfriend, and now she's dumped both of them.

  • bigmouth

    Terry -> This is the number one mistake women make with each other. FAILURE TO BE DIRECT AND PUBLIC.- Women are HOPELESS at being clear and unambiguous when dealing with men (generally).

    Men WILL NOT pick up on 'flirting' for a long time. We are not attuned to pick up on that behaviour. It's a frquency that The Sisterhood 'gets' immediately and we wonder what the hell we did wrong!

    Believe your husband when he tells you he loves only you.

    Tell him why you fear this woman so he understands. (This may take a little more effort on your part until he understands what you're feeling)



  • real one
    real one

    get rid of her. she has no morals and it seems your hubby is in her range. she does not care about you as she does not care about other women whos men she has engaged. you are just in the way for the moment. im not going to say anything about your husband but the fact that she sits next to him when you leave is suspect.

  • megaflower

    this gal is trouble. She also sounds like a one way street. You need her as a friend as much as we all need to return to meetings-not.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    Her history alone should give you pause. It's best not to have anything to do with someone you can't trust.

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