FUN TEST! I am 37% JW!! Post your percentage here plz

by Tired of the Hypocrisy 145 Replies latest jw friends

  • JediMaster

    50% Here...... Yeah, that's kinda how I still feel. Trapped between two worlds.... Still trying to break free.

    Jedi Master

  • palmtree67


    Someone give me some constructive counsel on how to root out these tendencies.

  • StAnn

    30% Probably because I drive a 4-door car (actually a minivan but that wasn't an option), keep my yard mowed, and go to church weekly. But I don't see those things as necessarily JW-ish. I drive a minivan because I have a family of five. I keep my yard mowed because I have a little self-respect, no thanks to the JWs. And I go to church because I choose to. If I don't go, nobody else cares, it's my business.

    So, given that I can discount all of the reasons it says I'm 30% JW, I'm going to adjust that to 0% JW.


  • StAnn

    You know what I'd like to see? The Jeff Foxworthy list of "You might be an ex-JW...."

    1. If you suffer from PTSD, you might be an ex-JW....

    2. If you have an unnatural fear of demons, ymbaxjw

    3. If you have a loathing for Smurfs, ymbaxjw

    4. If you pop Prozac like it's Chiclets, ymbaxjw

    5. If you can't bring yourself to wear pantyhose or ankle length skirts ever again, ymbaxjw

    This would show some of the real, lasting effects of being a JW.

    And on and on and on.


  • tec

    33 %

    But some of my answers weren't really in the choices. I had to choose the closest approximation. And I agree with StAnn. Some of the comments didn't really apply to me. I drive a four door car, because that's what my husband bought. He never asked me.

    (Oh - that would probably raise my 33% )

    The truth is I could care less what I drive as long as its reliable.


  • aquagirl


  • cantleave


  • GLTirebiter

    23%, about the same as my JW rating on belief-o-matic

  • Leolaia

    7% for me, but I had to fudge some of the answers (for #1 and #5) because none of the options fit.

  • changeling

    10% - damned 4 door car! :)

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